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  • The Heartseeker is a golden longsword. It appears heavy and ornate but is deceptively light in the right hands. Any blood or gore that ends up on it quickly ignites and burns away, leaving the blade pristine.
  • It is currently empowered by the soul of an elven Iomedian priestess named Vereesa Stormhammer.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Through offering assistance to the elves of Kyonin, Heartseeker has evolved into a +3 Holy Longsword. The weapon also evolves its abilities, granting the following to the wielder:
  • The wielder gains the Light cantrip. 
  • The wielder gains the Improved Iron Will feat, ignoring prerequisites.
  • Endure Evil (Su) - The wielder enjoys the constant effects of a Protection from Evil spell.
  • Iomedae's Gaze (Sp) - Once per day on command, the wielder can cause Heartseeker to shed daylight as the spell.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder