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Hand of the Tyrant

The Hand of the Tyrant was a powerful and evil artifact that granted its wearer access to supernatural strength and powerful spells. It is currently located in the area of desolation known as Tyrant's Grasp on the Isle of Kortos, outside Absalom.


The Hand of the Tyrant, also known as the Hand of Tar-Baphon, was the only remnant of the powerful lich Tar-Baphon after he was destroyed by his own weapon of mass destruction, Radiant Fire. The explosion decimated and transformed the land for fifteen miles around the explosion. The hand remained at ground zero, clutching the earth while the rest of Tar-Baphon was destroyed.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Raw materials & Components
The Hand of the Tyrant is embedded with a shard of the shattered Shield of Aroden. It is unknown if the shard is intact, or what power remains in the hand.