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Episode 18 - The Gauntlet Part 3

The Gauntlet - Part 3

General Summary

  • The Guardians of Golarion continued through the Sa’har Test of the Gauntlet, hoping to survive to the end and obtain the key to the Vault of Jel’va. They faced a Gnome Akashic Knight who had not passed the test of the Gauntlet in the past. He wanted nothing more than to be able to kill one of the Guardians, have them take his place, and he would be free to return to the akashic flow. Chakos Vrinn, a gold-skinned elf was standing in the back shouting lackluster encouragement. “You’ve got them now. Yes. Go get them.” Once combat began, he disappeared.
  • Around the next corner, the party had to get through what looked to be a jungle of some kind. Ella navigated through the obstructions with little effort, and Valarius used his Boots of Spider-Climbing to assist the others.
  • In the center of the next corridor was a stone statue with precious gems embedded in it. It appeared to be a statue of Khaylin Cirdanas. Reh accidentally touched it as the party tried to sneak past, and the statue came to life.
  • The next corridor had barricades, walls with faces in them. The first would only let a friend through, the second only allowing a threat through, and the third only allowed Khaylin through.
  • Tiny spiders swarmed around in this corridor, and as the Guardians entered the spiders began to form a growing pile. Ella attacked the pile and the Gnome from earlier stumbled out, already quite injured. The battle was brief.
  • Around the next corner, there was a large room whose contents were all covered with webs. A Gigantic tarantula burst through the ceiling and attacked. The Guardians fought it off, climbed over it, and found a stairway the led up into another room.
  • Inside the room was a black chakram with gold detailing. It was flanked by two male elves - one was the gold-skinned one with white hair, the other was a fair-skinned elf with long brown hair and a braided ponytail down the middle. Shen grabbed the disc and it burned him up to his mid-forearms. He dropped the disc but the flames continued to burn on his arms while the others stood by and watched.
  • Godric then stepped up and took the chakram. Shen was told that Khaylin would have to atone for past horrible deeds if his spirit is ever going to be allowed to rejoin the akashic flow.
  • The group emerged back in the Inn/Temple. Rha’gi saw them and asked if they forgot something. For him, they had just left. He explained that time behaved differently here. He couldn’t even imagine how long he had truly been in the temple. He didn’t want to know. He was part of the Flow now, so it didn’t matter what happened beyond the temple doors.
  • After their rest, they had breakfast and the door opened. Time for them to leave. Hugo, however, was battling some kind of infection with the gauntlet that he wore. But time passing the way it did here, the infection wasn't spreading. Rah'gi said he would tend to Hugo, and when he was strong enough he could exit the temple on his own and emerge wherever the chakram was.
  • The Guardians walked out into the darkness. Overhead, stars shone through clouds, and the air smelled of the sea. They were back in the crater. They also had walked into the middle of a slaughter. Shadowcats had attacked a group of people who looked to have killed about a dozen and driven off the rest. The people were Kiana, a female elven archer ranger. Baros, a human Gunslinger. Aenir, a Shoanti barbarian, and Burma a female Halfling warpriest of Iomedae. They were collectively known as the Ashen Order. They lost two members during the fight - Devlar (Dwarf warrior) and Lucelin (half-elf wizard)
  • The Guardians, seeing that it was nighttime, asked what day it was. It was Toilday (Tuesday), which was the same day that the party had entered Khaylin's pocket dimension.
  • Aenir wanted to go after their fallen comrades. Burma told him they walked with Iomedae now. She would pray for them. They invited the group back to Clegg’s camp (no evil alignments detected in the bunch). From what they have seen, it’s probably the only fortified settlement on the island. They took in some cyphermages recently.
  • Chatter during the walk back:
  They had helped Clegg get his ship. They killed pirates to get it. Joined the expedition to put some coins in the coffer. Kiana was tight with the coin. There’s a bow she has her eye on in Absalom and it isn’t cheap. Baros was a tinkerer and that was an expensive hobby. Aenir wasn’t much for money except for buying ale and lady favors. Burma was planning to use the money to pay for renovations for the church of Iomedae back in Ashenvale. Kiana told them they had a keep there – Dragonrest Keep. They had driven out some Twilight cultists who were using it previously. The location was nice so they hired people to help rebuild. The contractors built a work camp around the keep. That turned into a village. Now it was filled with farmers, merchants, and Lady Burma had been working on the church. Aenir piped in about his pride and joy - The Groghouse. It had a fighting pit in it. Valarius mentioned they had some run-ins with a group called the Twilight Empire. Baros suspected they were the same group. The cultists worshipped Zalatas the Celestial Dragon.   Ardura - He remembered one of their party members, Thiana, had mentioned her once. She was a cleric of Zalatath or something. But Thiana was an expert on the Twilight Empire. Her sister was crucified by the Empire so she had a bit of a grudge. She probably knew more about them than the Empire knew about themselves. Thiana was on a pilgrimage to honor her sister, as she does every year. Once the Ashen Order wraps up business on the island, they will meet her back at Dragonrest Keep.  
  • At Clegg’s Camp, the Guardians asked about the cypermages. A guard, Horus, told them that the lady and the scared kid were sleeping in one of the tents. They then met with Clegg, who seemed happy enough to see them at first. His smile faded after Sakali grilled him about what he was looking for on the island. Clegg was asked about the cyphermages and he said that they had left about a week ago. Clegg told Horus in no uncertain terms that he had been mistaken, and perhaps it was not wise to contradict him on the matter.
  • The Guardians were given a tent and a spot to set it up within the confines of the encampment. Clegg told them they were welcomed to stay as his guests. But it was late, and he needed his sleep. They would discuss things in the morning. Half the party set up the tent, while the others went to check on the cyphermages. There was a man sleeping in their tent. He said the cyphermages left about a week ago. Then the realization set in. It was, in fact, Toilday. But it was one week later. The Guardians of Golarion had been gone for a week, had missed their ride on the Mighty Maiden, and were now trapped on Devil's Elbow.

Rewards Granted

  1. a copper ingot worth 100 gp
  1. a silver ingot worth 200 gp
  1. a gold ingot worth 400 gp
  1. a platinum ingot worth 1,000 gp
  1. masterwork agile half-plate armor worth 1,000 gp
  1. a spyglass worth 1,000 gp
  1. one dose of the poison bleeding bell (worth 1,800 gp)
  1. a Bag of Holding I - weighs 15 lbs, holds 250 lbs, 30 cubic ft, worth 2,500 gp (Reh)
  1. a Lingering metamagic rod (Lesser)  worth 3,000 gp
  1. a Wand of Bull’s Strength (10 charges) (CL 3, lasts for 3 minutes)  worth 900 gp (Reh)
  1. 3 potions of Cure Serious Wounds (CL 10, heals 3d8+10 hp) (Reh, Ella, Sakali)
  1. Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (Godric)
  1. Pearl of Power (2nd Level) worth 4,000 gp (Sakali)

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Escaped the Gauntlet alive.
  • Made their way to Clegg Zincher's camp.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Shen Stroheim - Shen is considered an Oracle, who has been empowered through his connection with Khaylin and his bond with the akashic flow. He is also stricken with two curses - Clouded Vision (Khaylin's empowerment has given him a form of sight, but only up to thirty feet away) and Blackened (hands are permanently burned, uses weapons at a penalty, must help Khaylin atone for past sins to remove this affliction).
  • The Ashen Order - A group of fellow adventurers who the Guardians seem to be connecting with. Their members include:
  Kiana Moonshadow - a female elven archer ranger and leader of the group. She is saving every coin to purchase a very expensive bow in Absalom.   Baros Alexston - a male human Gunslinger with an air of nobility and culture around him. He is a tinkerer and seems quite intelligent.   Aenir - a Shoanti steelblood barbarian who wears heavy armor and swings a big hammer. Seems to be sweet on Ella.   Burma Swiftstone - a female halfling warpriest of Iomedae. Walks softly and carries a big stick.  
  • Clegg Zincher - One of the head crime bosses in Riddleport. He claims to be out here looking for skymetal, but there seems to be more to the story. He doesn't like being questioned.
  • Chakos Vrinn - The gold-skinned elf, Chakos also has much to atone for. The elf had been corrupted in the Darklands about the same time Khaylin did. He came to Khaylin to become an apprentice and ended up challenging him for the right to become a master of the akashic order. Khaylin defeated him, but Chakos took on his own apprentice to prove he was a better master. Sadly, his apprentice (the Gnome) came up short in the gauntlet. Kind of a jerk.


General Knowledge

  • Ashwood Forest, the home of the Ashen Order and their town of Ashenvale, has only recently been settled by colonists from the Chelaxian Empire. The wild frontier of Varisia is composed of rural communities, independent city-states, cyclopean ruins, and uncharted wilderness.
  Golarion Calendar is much like our own - Seven days a week, 12 months in a year.  
  • Moonday - Work, religion [night]
  • Toilday - Work
  • Wealday - Work
  • Oathday - Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
  • Fireday - Work
  • Starday - Work
  • Sunday - Rest, religion


  14584 XP + 4160 XP = 18744 XP! Ding Level 5!
Report Date
04 Feb 2019
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