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Elven Pyramoid

Elven Pyramoids were devices used by the Sa'har Order that could contain information. The sa'har owner of the pyramoid usually personalized these to contain whatever libraries of information she felt necessary to save. It also acted as a pocket dimension of sorts. However, time moved differently within the pyramoid. A fraction of the owner's essence was instilled within the pyramoid, giving the interactive experience a more personal touch.   A pyramoid was a small construct created by elves pre-Earthfall. The pyramoid was a pocket demiplane that elves would use to house knowledge or themselves. The pyramoid's creator could determine the time passage rate within the construct. Normally the default would be that one day on the Material Plane was one day inside the pyramoid. It was simply an escape for those powerful enough to forge the devices. When Earthfall was imminent, some elves fled Golarion, and others went underground. A handful of those powerful enough to create a pyramoid placed them in what they felt was a safe place and changed the flow of time within the pyramoid. One day on the Material Plane could be six seconds inside the pyramoid. Ten thousand years in the Material Plane was less than a year within the pyramoid.   Some of the┬áRunelords used the concept of pyramoids by manipulating their runewells to create a similar style of demiplane. The only successful application of this magic was by Karzoug , the Runelord of Greed.
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The true construction of a pyramoid has been lost to time. Only a select few know, and they are hesitant to share it. However, once the construction is complete the owner of the pyramoid has to cast the spell "Create Demiplane, Greater" which would form the world within the pyramoid. By default, time passes at the normal rate in the demiplane. The plane could also have an erratic time, flowing time (half or double normal time), or timeless trait.