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Drisaria Nightshade

Supreme Archmagister (a.k.a. Shadow Sovereign of Aurorathal)

Supreme Archmagister Drisaria Nightshade is known as the Shadow Sovereign of Aurorathal. As the leader of the Drow Council, Drisaria wields unparalleled political power and magical authority within the city.

Personality Characteristics


  1. Power and Prestige: As the Supreme Archmagister of Aurorathal, Drisara craves power and prestige. She seeks to solidify her position as the city's ruler, wielding unparalleled influence over its inhabitants and asserting her authority on the political stage. Drisara's pursuit of power is fueled by a desire for recognition and respect from her peers and rivals alike.
  2. Drow Supremacy: Drisara is fiercely devoted to the cause of Drow supremacy. She believes fervently in the superiority of her race and views the dominance of Aurorathalby the Drow as essential to its survival and prosperity. Drisara's motivations are deeply intertwined with the preservation and advancement of Drow interests, often at the expense of other races within the city.
  3. Protection of Aurorathal: As the city's ruler, Drisara is responsible for safeguarding Aurorathal from external threats and internal strife. She prioritizes the security and stability of the city, employing whatever means necessary to maintain order and defend against potential adversaries. Drisara's motivations are driven by a sense of duty and obligation to protect the interests of Aurorathal and its inhabitants.
  4. Advancement of Magic: Drisara is a highly skilled archmage, deeply committed to studying and advancing magical arts. She sees Aurorathal as a center of magical learning and innovation and works tirelessly to promote the city's magical prowess and reputation. Drisara's motivations are fueled by a passion for magic and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible through arcane mastery.
  5. Personal Ambition: Beyond her duties as a ruler and a mage, Drisara harbors personal ambitions and aspirations. She seeks to leave a lasting legacy, to be remembered as a figure of greatness and significance in the annals of Aurorathal's history. Drisara's motivations are driven by a desire for personal fulfillment and the pursuit of her own dreams and goals.
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