Abraxas (a.k.a. Master of the Final Incantation)

Abraxas (pronounced a-BRAHK-zuhs) (occasionally spelled "Abraxus") is the demon lord of forbidden lore and magic and called the Master of the Final Incantation. He is said to know countless magical formulae, spells, and secrets, including the Final Incantation, a single word so powerful its speaking causes the annihilation of magic. He specializes in magic and lore associated with pain and devastation and dwells in Diovengia, capital city of his Abyssal realm of Pleroma.

Divine Domains

Magic, Forbidden Lore

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Abraxas is utterly demonic in appearance; he possesses the head of a fanged, deformed bird with a tooth filled mouth and lizard-like crest behind his head. In place of his legs, Abraxas has a pair of writhing vipers each with its own head and poisonous fangs. Abraxas' torso is humanoid and with the exception of his viperous legs and demented head so is the rest of his form. His two arms end in large claws that wield a whip (Abraxas' favored weapon) that is forked like a serpent's tongue and a shield.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Abraxas is one of the oldest demons of the Abyss though he was never a Qlippoth (the creatures that existed within the Abyss before demons). Abraxas has watched throughout history and gathered dark arcane secrets from countless ages. It is said that Abraxas watched as the aboleths called down the meteor that was responsible for the Earthfall and began the Age of Darkness as well as countless other magics best left forgotten. It was through these methods that Abraxas gained access to the Final Incantation, a single word that can completely unmake magic. Abraxas has used the Final Incantation sparingly in the past, as it unbinds many of his own powers, but he has employed it to destroy minor artifacts, permanently strip all magic from a creature, and remove knowledge of a particular spell from the records and minds of an entire planet
Divine Classification
Demon Lord
Chaotic Evil