The Exiles

The Exiles were probably the most successfully and most infamous Pirate Alliance across the Great Ocean.


Public Agenda

Plunder and Chaos to the Kingdoms that dispossessed them


Nothing the pirate crews control the ships and plunder, the Exiles are made up of them all.


The exiles came about at the end of The Trader Wars, where all 3 sides decommisioned, disowned and disassociated with as many of the worst crews as they could. Those that lost their homes and nationals, realised that their old kingdoms didn't care for them and they started to band together first along old politic lines and in the end either old enemies banded together to get revenge against those that forget them.   The 3 largest but not the only groups that formed the loose alliance of Pirating types, were those of The Winged Blades, The Shadow Seekers and The Stray Fishermen, each of these groups had small fleets of their own, each headed by a great captain, between them they split the seas between them and plunder and sunk many an Kingdom Ship, as well as banding together to raid bigger targets if worth was seen. The last of these raids was that of Shrine of Asmann in the Nine Families terriority, and maybe that is what cause them to disappear after, going after plunder own by the masters of the Oceans made have been their final mistake.


Disintegrate over a few years after Ichan Nobuatsu, Captain of the Dragonhorn and Leader of The Winged Blades, Maerhild, Captain of the Stormchaser and Leader of The Shadow Seekers, and Aidan Erksine, Captain of the Fisher and Leader of The Stray Fishermen disappeared all together, only a few weeks after the raid on the Shrine of Asmann. Infighting between the groups over who would become the titled leaders and organisers of the Exiles caused the group to dissipate.

3407 - 3431

Guild, Privateers
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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