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In a universe where magic is woven into the very fabric of physics, Glissanda is part of a curious solar system, a lone planet with curious inhabitants. There was a time when the primordial creatures were driven back into the planet's core, escaping the devastating meteor that crashed into its mantle.   From that foreign object came a new species. Or perhaps they were the ones riding along the meteor themselves. Intangible and intelligent, these beings began to cultivate and support the lifeforms that the primordials left behind.   Centuries, thousands of years have passed, and we arrive at the juxaposition of human life and the advancements in magical science/ scientific magic/ arcana. As it seems, there is a type of Renaissance of technology in one continent that would change the world.   But is there something more at stake? As humans meddle with the very fabric of exsistance and the universe, ancient creatures and planes start to return. Legends and myths are walking, or floating, around once again. How can humans escape this existential threat? And what will other species do in order to stop them?

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