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Giant's World

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The Giant's World could be described as being many worlds, because of the striking differences in the grand themes, abilities, and powers that existed during different epochs of the world. It was a complex and joyful world in its earliest known form. Balance was maintained even as the Early Host of Giants played with the stuff of the elements, using their Powers to make and unmake even the very fabric of reality. This Changed during the Awakening and the Age of Woe. One Giant upset the Balance and chaos welled up within the world. A great force of devastation threatened to unravel everything, including the Giants who had known and created peace in the world. The Giants paid for the balance they wanted to reinstate with their lives and with time. The Shambler was born of this time of sacrifice. and the Underground Era began. The forces of the world which had been free in the world had become unbalanced and they threatened to unravel the possibility of any sustained balance. The Giants and the Shambler suppressed these powers and Humanity saw a great change in its ability to plan and alter the outcomes of their own destiny. It was during this Middle Host of Giants, during the Shambler's Epoch that humans rose to see their own power. But this period was a prolonged incubation. At long last, the reemergence of the Giant's came, and the Shambler was to usher in the New Age of Balance, like a midwife helping bring a baby into the world, but it was a troubled birth and the Shambler was unable to finish what was started. After the Fall of the Shambler, The Giants emerged chaotically, mad from centuries underground. Chaos roamed upon the surface of the earth as they discovered the new shape of the world. After a long and difficult era, the last of the Giants finally died, but the Great Powers they left behind lingered and even flowed like rivers in some places, and in the First New Epoch, Humans have grown accustomed to strange occurances in a comparatively predictable world. The cycle of seasons was stable, but Magic can be found, and mined. For the first time, it is possible to imagine taking control of destiny. In the First New Epoch, Humans discover the remnant powers of the magics of the bygone eras and they come into their own power, inventing cities & formalizing language and watching nature settle into a difficult but trustworthy balance. Eventually the Powers of the Giant's dissipated and stitched themselves into the fabric of all things. This is the time know as the New Balance or the Second New Epoch. It is a time of balance and the awakening of Human responsibility. No one may blame the Giant's or the Demons for the failings of their plans, only their own limitations. In these limitations they begin to play with what remains for them to do with the magic inherent in the World as it is.

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