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Basic Information


With a pair of normal arms and legs, a Garakuta is set apart by their second set of eyes, just behind the normal ones, and the large crustacean arms attached to their backs, which fold back to hug the Garakuta's body, if a coat is put over the arms it looks like a large backpack. Depending on the Garakuta's ancestory, some have antennae, and pinchers vary between Garakuta, some having large, almost shield like pinchers, others having dexterous, thin claws better suited for quick movement.   All Garakuta have strange skin, with the first two layers acting as skin normally does, with the third layer being replaced with a strong material able to withstand direct hits from some firearms, and a pinch from a fellow Garakuta.   The Garakutas pinchers follow the coloration of their skin, unless they have a specific tint, then the pinchers follow the tint. With a Garakuta having red tinted skin having bright red pinchers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Garakuta are born in a decently sized egg, with an gestration period of 2 months, and an incubation period of 8 months, cracking out of the egg about the size of a small common human child.   Garakuta females only give birth to a single egg, with the rare occasion of two eggs, or sometimes two Garakuta are born from the same egg.

Additional Information

Social Structure

While some people believe Garakuta follow whoever is the biggest jerk, it is simply a front Garakuta put on around outsiders.    Garakuta follow those who are selfless and are good leaders, the better a leader a Garakuta is, the more loyalty they receive from their subordinates.

Facial characteristics

Garakuta have two sets of eyes, which very in color, sometimes the eye will be the same, other times they will be different, on rare occasions a Garakuta will have four different eye colors.   Some Garakuta have antenna protruding from either their upper lips, or their forehead. Some have no antenna at all.   A Garakuta without antenna can try and pass for a common human by covering up their second set of eyes with a pair of goggles or large glasses, and wearing a coat over their back.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mostly spread around the Maiti no jonetsuan Shogunate, Garakuta rarely move to other countries, preferring to stay in their own home, although the Heimatweltian military employs some Garakuta as shock troopers.

Average Intelligence

Garakuta share about the same level of intelligence as a common human, while not as brilliant as their Commonwealth allies, Garakuta have created their own style of weapons, fighting, and tactics.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Garakutas second set of eyes are a bit larger than the first set, increasing light taken in by them, improving the Garakuta's night vision.
Scientific Name
Brachyura Homo sapiens
A Garakuta lives to about 60, afterwards, their body starts shutting down, at 70, the longest a Garakuta lives is 75.
Average Height
61- 73   5'1-6'1
Average Weight
250-350 lbs
Average Physique
A Garakuta's physique relies on whatever subclass they belong to, with some subclasses being huge tanks of creatures, and others being more dexterous.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most Garakuta's skin have very little differences from common human skin, with skin tones going from almost white to a very dark brown. Though the Garakuta with more of the features have a slight red, olive green, grey, or cyan tinge to it.


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