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Magma Octopus

The magma octopus is an elemental creature found in the volcanic bend south-southeast of Keoland. Like their oceanic counterpart, they are known for their rounded bodies, bulging eyes, and eight arms, but thrive in the magma beds and lava pools of active volcanos.   Once a creature restricted to the Plane of Fire, the inquisitive creature squeezed through a brief fissure to the material plane. As a native to the fire elemental plane, the magma octopus must remain submerged in lava. Leaving the lava causes the skin to harden. It is able to stay in this condition for an hour before becoming petrified.   The magma octopus is a territorial and solitary creature. When submerged in lava, it is able to use their eight legs to move agilely through the lava currents matching or surpassing the swim speed of their marine cousins. It uses biomimicry to change the pattern of their glowing yellow, orange, and red patches to match the color and patterns of their surroundings.   While it is difficult to observe an actively hunting magma octopus, it's believed that they prefer to drop down on their prey from above and use the suckers on their tentacles to pull their prey towards them. They are carnivorous and prey on other fire fish and crab that dwell along the volcanic crater. The magma octopus has no know natural predtaors in the material plane.   Individuals that encounter a wild magma octopus are encouraged to quietly leave the area. Elemental poachers that hunt magma octopus can fetch a high price for the petrified creature. These rarities are usually sold to collectors, museums, or chefs. Petrified tentacles are considered a rich delicacy; the natural sharp contrast between the crusted exterior and squishy interior have made it a signature dish for high profile international events. When ground, the ash is valued for its heated, earthy flavor.
Magma Octopus by Bryan Syme


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