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Summer Camp Pledge 2022

Creative Goal & Motivation

Goal: Write a little bit each day, while fleshing out the Dotharan Alliance, Ekoran Conclave, and Daramar. Motivation: To express my creative writing and crystallise some long-running ideas I've had, but in unexpected ways due to the prompts that will be revealed and the creativity in melding them to my pre-existing ideas.

Summercamp Goal: Copper

8 prompts is a nice number I won't feel panicked to finish during the month. I want this to be fun, not a burden. I think it's theme of "expanse" will be useful for my abandoned Feloran Imperial Province of Lirna. As the empire has collapsed, the wilderness has reclaimed much of the interior of the Empire, and it has an unusual closeness to the feywilds.   The other theme, leadership, may fit in with a rebel cult of Felorans or the northernest outpost of Voth, while I could relate "discovery" to the re-exploration and efforts by the Sovereignty of Soren to re-enter the region. "Monsterous" can work for something related to the cult.

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