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Playable Classes

The world of Getninia supports most officially released classes in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, as well as a few others, as well as most officially released subclasses.  

Base Classes

The basic classes which go to level 20 and can be taken without prerequisites (unless multiclassing).   Artificer: Artificers are relatively uncommon, and scattered throughout the known world. Gifted with the with a supernatural ability to create objects, even, to a limited extent, magic items, quickly, if often temporarily. The skillset of artifice has slowly become more widespread however, steadily displacing the ancient, art of the Runesmith as its applications are quicker and, for those who adventure, much more useful in the field. They are generally still primarily found among more formally educated populations however. The currently supported subclasses are; Alchemist, Armorer, Artillerist, and the Battlesmith   Barbarian: Much more common in the wilder lands away from the centers of commerce and civilization, Barbarians are exceptionally powerful individuals. They are generally exceptionally gifted warrior's whose enraged states pushes them to supernatural levels of strength and toughness, an asset in their hostile lands, with many Barbarians becoming leaders of their community. These abilities are not exclusive to outlander communities however, and it is unknown for even the most genteel people to have among them those who can break in a furious battle lust. The currently supported subclasses are; Ancestral Guardian, Battlerage, Beast, Berserker, Storm Herald, Totem Warrior, Wild Magic, and the Zealot   Bard: While the gift of performance is quite common and the arts can be found in all but the most Spartan of societies, proper bards are rarer requiring additional training. Those who are gifted as bards can almost always expect a warm welcome wherever they can ply their trade. Bards can be found in numbers throughout the known world, but are most common in settled societies. Supported Bard subclasses are; Creation, Eloquence, Glamour, Lore, Spirits, Swords, Valor, Whispers   Cleric: Much more frequent among organized priesthoods, magically empowered clerics can be found worshipping many deities. Clerics are perhaps the most common spellcasting individuals capable of casting the most potent spells known to mortals. Being flexible and powerful casters clerics can often become very influential, often serving as centers of communities, or of adventuring parties. Support Cleric subclasses are; Arcana, Death, Forge, Grave, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Order, Peace, Tempest, Trickery, Twilight, War   Druid: Favored by societies with less organized religions, the path of the Druid follows a much more informal veneration of the natural world and the spirits found within or more nebulous deities. Druids usually serve as the spiritual (and often political) centers of smaller communities with their magical gifts invaluable to local communities. Others live more illusively Supported Druid subclasses are Dreams, Land, Moon, Shepard, Spores, Stars, and Wildfire   Fighter: The tradition of arms is one widely taken up by peoples all over the known world, though obtaining the status of "fighter" is one reserved for more elite members of the profession of arms. Warriors who have earned such title have honed their bodies and minds in the art of war to the point that their abilities may perhaps even be supernatural. Members of the fighter class can be be found in military units and mercenary companies the world over as well as adventuring bands. Supported fighter subclasses are; Arcane Archer, Banneret, Battle Master, Cavalier, Champion, Echo Knight, Eldritch Knight, Gunslinger, Psi Warrior, Rune Knight, Samurai   Monk: Several ancient schools dedicated to martial arts and physical self-perfection can be found throughout the known world, training in fairly small numbers, martial artists of almost unparalleled capability. These warriors, known as monks are seen as mysterious and aloof to outsiders, rarely starting fights, but always finishing them with prejudice. Often cloistered in their own isolated schools or found traveling on longstanding quests, and are only fairly rarely integrated into communities not attuned with their own values. Supported monk subclasses are; Ascended Dragon, Astral Self, Cobalt Soul, Drunken Master, (Remastered) Four Elements, Kensei, Long Death, Mercy, Open Hand, Shadow, and the Sun Soul   Paladin: Dedicated followers of various knightly orders, paladins are exceptional individuals driven by faith or by creed. They follow strong distinct codes of honor that carry them throughout their careers at arms. Those who have taken up the Paladin class are somewhat exceptional having obtained magical abilities to enhance their combat prowess, something most common knights are incapable of. Supported Paladin subclasses are; Ancients, Conquest, Devotion, Glory, Open Sea, Redemption, Watchers, Vengeance, and Oathbreaker (at DM discretion)   Ranger: Elite watchers in the wild, rangers are often found on their own, in adventuring parties, or as part of small elite companies of their own kind. Gifted survivalists and skilled warriors all, rangers have become so skilled that some attribute the various tricks and tools of the trade as outright magical, something many rangers would deny. Those who take up the call of the ranger sometimes find themselves in the employ of wealthy patrons as pathfinders but more often operate on their own terms to protect the lands that the call home. Supported Ranger subclasses are; Beast Master, Drakewarden, Fey Wanderer, Gloom Stalker, Horizon Walker, Hunter, Monster Slayer, and the Swarmkeeper   Rogue: The path of the rogue is one that is met with a number of different reactions from the various societies of the known world. While they are most reliably found seeking out a rough and tumble existence in the underworlds of civilized societies, they will sometimes be regarded much more highly, crafty tricksters outwitting their foolish opponents. They are most commonly found within more settled lands, though a few take up the call of the wild acting as incredibly skilled scouts and pathfinders, still others take up the call of the sea as sailors and pirates. Supported Rogue subclasses are; Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Inquisitive, Mastermind, Phantom, Scout, Soulknife, Swashbuckler, and the Thief   Sorcerer: The wild weave of magic can find itself embodied in any number of people. Such individuals, born with the spark of magic are not common, but found throughout the world. Most often, those who become sorcerers have come from ancient long forgotten magical or extraplanar bloodlines, and are often the first in several generations for whom that blood has sparked to life. Sorcerers are often regarded with more suspicion than many other casters as they are often seen as inherently more dangerous due to the random nature of their abilities. Supported Sorcerer subclasses are; Abberant Mind, Clockwork Soul, Divine Soul, Draconic Bloodline, Shadow Magic, Storm Sorcery, and Wild Magic   Warlock: Those who would make pacts with otherworldly entities are an uncommon breed, those who actually succeed are even rarer. A warlock is somebody who has done both, selling their time and labors in exchange for a fraction of the eldritch might of an incomprehensibly powerful being. In exchange they often carry out the agenda of their benefactor. Those who follow this path are usually distrusted at best, and outright persecuted at worst, by polite society. Supported Warlock subclasses are; Archfey, Celestial, Fathomless, Fiend, Genie, Great Old One, Hexblade, Undead, and Undying   Wizard: The quintessential spellcaster, and among the most common, wizards are those who have studied to wield magics. Oftentimes they join formal magical academies with rivalling schools that study the various kinds of magic. They are among the most powerful and versatile casters in the known world. Almost any society can be improved with the presence of wizards, and most larger civilizations foster communities of wizards. A rare few civilizations are outright ruled by them, as they use their powers for their own political gain. Supported Wizard subclasses are; Bladesinging (alternate origins), Chronurgy, Graviturgy, Order of Scribes, Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, and War Magic  

Prestige Classes

Advanced classes borrowing from the Unearthed Arcana on Prestige Classes. Limited progression and strict prerequisites for taking levels in the class.   The Oracle: A rare group of women who have been gifted with the powers prophecy by the Pandroi gods, Oracles have the ability to see fate. More importantly, they can, in limited ways manipulate fate to their own advantage and to those others. They are perhaps most widely distinguished by their trademark blindfolds which they use to seal off their sense of the present to read the future.

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