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Maximos Angevoi (/ maksimos angɪvoi /)

Μαχιμοσ Ανγευοι

Maximos Angevoi is the Ecclesiarch, and the de facto ruler for the Thibaian Divinity League. He holds considerable temporal and religious authority in the Aeillan successor state. Ecclessiarch Maximos has not been particularly ambitious with his politics, largely continuing the policies of his predecessor Kassandra Papadol Sev, who favored expanding the protections of the Peace of the Gods, as well as promoting Thibaia as a place of pilgrimage. His position has slowly come under threat as other temples have been gaining power in the relatively peaceful time for Thibaia, and as the value of community seems less appealing, other temples have been competing with each other for liturgical dominance of the city, the Angevoi has largely kept the conflict peaceful.