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Lucia Vitellia Cornelia (/ lu:kiɜ vɪtɛli:ə korniliə /)

Λουξια Υιτελλια ξωρνιλια

Enthroned as the Exarch of Falemesia, Lucia Vitellia Cornelia has largely found herself responsible for integrating the influx of Grecci settlers into the historically Ilosi parts of her territory. The expansion of New Falanis in particular being a major concern for her politically. She has worked to enfranchise the Grecci Minority to the best of her ability, even granting them the ability to serve in the Eldership Council, as well as replacing many of the royally appointed governors in hinterland territories with local Eldership Councils. This trend towards democratization has damaged relations with Spathos forcing Vitellia to pursue a more active foreign policy.
Ruled Locations