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Kornelios II Komenos (/ kornilios komɘnos /)

Κωρνελιοσ Κομενοσ

Kornelios II Komenos is the Principal Exarch of the Exarchate of Polanis, having ascended the throne relatively recently. Kornelios II is known primarily as a weak figurehead and much of the real governing policy has come from ambitious longtime senators, with Alexander Doukas being the latest of these powerful consuls. Kornelios' tenure as Exarch has been marked by the dramatic expansion of power for the Senate, particularly during the Consulships of Doukas, and his immediate predecessor Abdul Iseledos, with Senators being granted large tracts of Exarchial land, the power to overturn the decrees of the Exarch, and even limited control of the military during peacetime. The reign of Kornelios has however, been largely prosperous with little in the way of political strife, no major peasant rebellions, and no foreign wars.
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