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Chronoxiphos (/kronozifos/)


The Chronoxiphos is a type of powerful magical sword found almost exclusively in the hands of active and former Temporal Auxiliaries. They are, per their name associated with strange effects on the user regarding the flow of time, and their perception of it. Chronoxiphoi are known to be manufactured only by an unedified manufacturer, the Chronomancer, who could be one of a number of prominent wizards in Aeilla. Though they have appeared only recently the magics involved are relatively impressive in comparison to many other newly manufactured magic items with enchantments, that when fully empowered are the equal of most ancient artifacts.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Chronoxiphoi always take the form of enchanted swords. They initially were much more varied in appearance, with wildly varying lengths, and were consistent with many types of blade. They were eventually settled into a single reproduced form as the designer of the weapons began to produce the weapons en masse. Most Chronoxiphoi that have been produced recently, follow a similar pattern, being about a meter in length, weighing slightly less than a kilogram, and in the style of ancient Aeillan blades, known as Xiphoi. Chronoxiphoi are specially enchanted with potent temporal magic, due to limitations in manufacture, these enchantments take time to manifest properly.   Chronoxiphoi all bind themselves to a user, and alter that users sense of the flow of time. As the bound user grows in strength, and performs rituals to strength the blade, its capabilities geow. At lower potency, this manifests in the user being faster to act, graduating to some limited ability to predict the future. Chronoxiphoi eventually become capable of influencing others, warping and slowing their perceptions of time. As the bearer grows stronger and continues to perform rituals, these abilities grow to supernatural levels with the Chronoxiphos allowing the user to have visions several minutes in advance, and allowing them to move and with unearthly haste for a brief time. As the user becomes more and more bonded with the Chronoxiphos however, their sense of time becomes warped however, and they almost invariably become "fractured" with their essence scattered throughout several alternate timelines, and though this has allowed users great power, it often has deleterious effects on the mental wellbeing of the use. Indeed this is somewhat intentional as the fracturing is immensely useful in further empowering the Chronoxiphos.

Manufacturing process

The process behind manufacturing the Chronoxiphos are a closely guarded secret with the original producer known only as the Chronomancer. All that is known as that the blade itself must be forged before being enchanted in specially repaired room. The exact processes behind the forging, and the nature of enchantments are quite limited.


Chronoxiphoi are significant in that they are almost universally seen as the primary weapon and badge of office for the Chrono-Auxilia, an exceptionally rare group enslaved, but mentally reconditioned, and highly trained armed retainers. For nobles who are familiar with the exceptionally rare Chrono-Auxilia know to be wary of another noble when they see their bodyguards equipped with Chronoxiphoi. Outside of the dangerous cuthtroat politics of Aeilla however, the appearance of Chrono-Auxiliaries and thus, Chronoxiphoi is, at best, a nearly unique experience.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Exceptionally Rare
.82 kg
1m total length, .77m blade (varies)
Base Price
~20,000 Gold Coins
Raw materials & Components
Primarily a Mithral-Indric Steel alloy with trace amounts of Alchemical Silver, and a Brass and Steel hilt.
Unknown, presumably a high quality forge and alchemical lab. Manufactured in an altered temporal time bubble.

DnD (5e) Statistics

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