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Captain Flèln (flɛln)

Captain Ìllö Flèln

Captain Flèln is a Feloran pirate famous on the Tealastrian Sea for recruiting their crew from the ships they pillage. Their notoriety is well earned, and the Dotharan Alliance has oscillated in their approach to dealing with them, and has at times tried to legitimize them with a Dotharan a special merchant's license and at others marshalled the entire Alliance fleet in order to capture them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ìllö was born Ìllö kèn Lutfallah, but adopted the last name of their father some point after 215 PE. Flèln began attacking Tìl Formen'ya-Qua'adar shipping lanes in that same year. They were one of 5 founders of the Pirate City of Durst in 228 PE, and used the lawless port as a base of operations for almost 120 years, however as the numerous alliances between the cities of her native Dotharan coast grew in amount and scope, they got hold of an early Galleon in 348 PE. Their savviness paid off a few decades later, as in 422 PE the Dotharan Alliance forcibly entered the city's port, and arrested the pirate members of the city's "governing" council. After a brief stint as a licensed Dotharan merchant, they once again became a target of the Dotharan navy when they began attacking Qua'adaran and other slaver vessels.   Since then, Captain Flèln's crew has grown to 30 members, many of whom are liberated slaves. As such, their crew is more loyal than many other pirate crews, who together look out for themselves and protect their own. To outsiders however, little thought is given to the effects of their actions. If the crew needs food, they will raid a merchant vessel. If Flèln finds out about a score, she discusses it with her two closest leuitenants and then if the two of them agree, they come to the crew to form a plan. Since the Alliance's pacification of Durst, Dotharan patrols of the Tealastrian east of Leandris have increased, pushing the crew of the SS Fortune further west.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Unlike many pirates on the Tealastrian, Captain Flèln does not indiscriminately pick targets. They instead target the ships carrying only good for which they already have a potential buyer or if they have reliable intel on a prized good or treasure.
Chaotic Neutral
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
30 Jestani 112 PE
Year of Birth
1930 318 Years old
Town of Telera, Republic of Andriyya
Current Residence
SS Fortune
Blue-grey, firm
Short, strawberry blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, freckled
5' 3"
135 lbs

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