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Teleporter’s Eyes

Teleporter’s Eyes is condition that projects someone’s sight into another plane. This usually happens when someone teleports quite a lot in their travels, so it’s a common illness for retired adventurers. The first effects of the illness show itself in the form of movement you catch out of the corner of you eye. You slowly will see more and more of other planes and less of the material plane. Eventually you eyes will turn a milky white and you will cease to see the material plane altogether. Planes that are most commonly seen in by with new vision are the Shadowfell and the Feywild. Other planes can be seen but for the most part most people can only see planes they have visited. There is no way to control what you see, so people are usually subject to terrify sights and visions not meant for mortal eyes. This illness usually drives people insane after a few years and sometimes makes people violet or aggressive when touched (people can also become afraid of the touch of others). No other senses are blocked out so you cannot hear of feel anything around you, only see, the rest of you senses remain completely intact and working. The plane you are viewing can also change if the person has visited multiple planes other than the material plane. Most people who catch the early onset of this illness seek treatment, but it is often costly and unaffordable. For those who can afford the care they don’t have to worry about the illness ever again after they have had it cured. If people don’t catch the signs they offer are contained in a secluded room so as not to cause harm to those around them.

Transmission & Vectors

The illness is contracted by teleporting to often across planes. The illness is not transferable by any means.


Interplanetary travel is the cause of the illness. It is more common when accidents have happened during the teleportation, this could end up leaving part of the victim’s soul behind in the plane they are leaving.


Stage 1: flickering vision and movement in the corner of you eyes Stage 2: cloudy vision and faint moving shapes Stage 3: visions into other planes Stage 4: constant vision of other planes Stage 5: complete loss of vision in the material plane (eyes turn milky white)


If you catch it early all you need is a minor restoration spell, but if you are in stage 2 by the time you realize it you need a greater restoration spell. To get rid of stage 4 or 5 you need a wish spell.

Affected Groups

Any person who has travels between planes is subject to this illness


The first case of Teleportor’s Eyes was recorded in 204 AH when an elf returned from an exposition to the Shadowfell.

Cultural Reception

Most people don’t know how to react and end up locking them in a room so as no leave them be and not to scare them.
Extremely Rare

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