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Coutharan are large creatures that are a more expensive, but more reliable, than horses. They can carry up wards of 400lbs and pull upwards of 500 lbs. Their thick hide allows them to resist swords and arrows, making them ideal for treks through areas infested with bandits and pillagers. They also don’t take exotic food to feed, they will graze or grass and hay while resting and be ready to travel 20 miles after an hour of rest. The first documented finding of Coutharan where in 78 AH when a massive herd was spited grazing on the Plains of Duncel. Taming a Coutharan by yourself is unadvised dice they are difficult to wok with and can become aggressive if handled improperly. They are also difficult to train is the wild because they are somewhat territorial and will attack if not approached correctly (this also makes them great to guarding you camp at night). The Coutharan’s body is build to sand up to all physical hardships, massive legs and thick soles feet alow it to walk or run for miles without hurting itself on rocks or sticks and also keeps them extremely reliable during long treks.

Basic Information


4ft tail protruding from their back

Growth Rate & Stages

0-10 months Baby 11- 24 months Child 25- 60 months Teen 61- 120 months Adult 121- 240 months Elder

Ecology and Habitats

Coutharan can live in most climates as long as there is grass on the ground.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Needs 10lbs of grass and hay a day while traveling, less when unused.

Biological Cycle

From ages 4-12 is the best for carrying and towing.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Nothing extraordinary except their strength
Scientific Name
Dasypodidae taurus
20 years
Conservation Status
No conservation needed, the use of this beast has skyrocketed its population
Average Height
7 ft
Average Weight
Average Length
10ft (including tail)
Average Physique
Extremely strong and sturdy
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Generally brown to sand color

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