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Adamantine is the strongest metal in the world. The stiff metal makes rune carving exponentially more difficult, by the reward lasts for about one hundred years longer than on normal metal. Adamantine is hard to obtain both because it is incredibly rare, only 1 of 1,000,000 cubic feet are adamantine, and extracting the metal requires a fire of at least 500°f. Once the metal is out of the mines it is generally taken to a refinery since when the adamantine is melted, other metals can be melted as well, leaving the adamantine impure and subject to cracking. This process requires heated adamantine to be run through a special filter about 20 times. The reason the filter is special is because it is magnetized, so most metals will be drawn to it, but not adamantine, it isn’t magnetic. After the filtering the adamantine car finally be forged into a sword or armor. The items that are forged out of adamantine are more resilient and sturdier that any other items, allowing them to stand the test of time.


Material Characteristics

Always looks like polished silver, no mater the condition it’s in.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Extremely durable


If any compounds are used the adamantine will crack and be useless.

Origin & Source

First discovered by Duregar

History & Usage


At first the Duregar thought the metal was useless since they couldn’t heat it up enough to work with. But eventually people realized you just needed to heat it to an insured degree tow work with it.

Everyday use

Weapons (usually sharp weapons), armour


The refinement produces is key to the creation of a good sword or set if armour.


When heating toxic fumes will be produced.


Trade & Market

Relatively hard to find since only a few company’s can afford to work with it.
Sword: 400gp, armour(depends on what type): 500gp-1000gp
Common State

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