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The Nervous Nufruosch (nɔɸʀuɔɕ)

Opening during the hayday of the Royal House of Nskrusch, the Nervous Nusfruosch (named for a mythical creature from Erteix'juo folk lore) is a tavern with a reputation for being the playground for the rich and powerful of the Republic of Pwozlunt, having both served the nobles of the Kingdom and the new wealthy class that has come out of the Industrial Revolution.   Due to its location in Leslei it became the royal drinkhouse of the royalty and their nobility, and knowledge of the tavern was not something that the common people knew about.  


The Royal Alehouse

While the Nervous Nufruosch was initally created for the same reason as the other royal drinkhouses, the plan would change quickly. During the inital planning phase, Weifnosch Jirbei, who had been tapped as the first owner of the tavern, had suggested that the bar not be open to the public and be a place for the nobility to relax. This was justified by it appeasing the nobility by giving them a place to go where they would not have to interact with the common folk. This exclusive system made kept the bar largely out of the view of the public, and it was very rare for the existence of the tavern to be known beyond the elite.   This led to the the tavern being a common location for more unsavory deals to be made between members of the royal family and the nobility. The documentation for these deals, which happened to be stored at the alehouse, was a large reason for the mass exodus of nobles that happened during the later part of the revolution.  

The Pwozlunt Revolution

Even during the most climax of the revolution, the owner at the time, Beposch Neif, was adamant that the tavern stay open when much of the nobility was insistent on closing the tavern and burning the establishment in order to keep the secrets stored in the tavern. Neif would soon be convicted for crimes against the republic, but would ultimately escape the death penalty due to the aid that not closing the tavern gave to the Revolution in the end.   This meant that when documentation revealing the existence of the tavern was found in the royal palace, it was very quickly raided for anything that could help to prevent a second rise of the monarchy. This lead to a large amount of the documentation for the less savory actions that the nobles took being released to the public and many of said nobles fleeing to the royal family in the Kingdom of Pwozlunt.  

After the Revolution

After chaos of the revolution settled down, the tavern was turned into a Public House that was run as a part of the local government. This helped it become one of the most popular taverns within the city, with it often being hard for patrons of the tavern to be able to get into the tavern.  

Playground of the Rich and Powerful

Following the collapse of the rule of the Royal House of Nskrusch, the tavern changed became a party location for the new wealthy class that has sprug up since the Revolution. This change was suggested by Rij'kwei Lusnet, who used it as a means to get more yet more money from the tavern. This lead to what has been eventually called the bronze age of the tavern, in contrast to the golden age during the Kingdom and the silver age just after the revolution.  

The Staff

The Servers

The demographics of the servers have, with the rest of the tavern, changed over time. After its inception, the tavern was entirely staffed by Erteix'juo servers due to the fact that this was the ethnic group that made up the vast majority of the nobility of the time. Since the fall of the kingdom, the service staff has diversified with the customer base, with many servers being now Lazhri, Rishbe, or even Rekith.  


While the actual staff the establishment has changed since the revolution, the management has not see a similar process happen to it. The vast majority of the people in elevated positions are Erteix'juo, with the there only being rare exceptions to this.

Purpose / Function

Initially, the pub was created to serve as a private club for the royal family and the nobility. This was then opened up to the public following the end of the Revolution, before finally, but unofficially, becoming a club for the rich and powerful to party.


The interior has remained largely unchanged from the construction of the tavern, but the exterior was made to be much more obvious to passers by as a famous club. The inital exterior was inteded to better fit into its surroundings, but since the tavern is now open to the public it has been adjusted to be more visible to people passing by the establishment.


The exterior was designed to not seem too out of place compared to the sourroudning buildings. The exterior is built with a similar heavy set stone structure as other buildings in the area, with the facade having very little ornamentation.   The interior is decorated more elaborately, with a largely tiled floor and elaborate seating scattered around the establishment, centered around a large hearth.


The Nervous Nufruoch is an important tourist destination for the rich and powerful of the Republic, and to many of them it is a required stop for them on a journey to the old capital of the Kingdom of Pwozlunt.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

What's for Dinner?

The Nervous Nufruosch serves some of the highest quality food that is available to purchase within the Republic. While the actual menu is too long to show in its entirety, some notable dishes from the menu include:  
Schonrjuox on Ter
Ter is a traditional mixture of seasonal vegetables with Xoe, a staple grain native to the mountainous regions of The Erteix'lunt, commonly used as a means to make food more filling. This is then topped with Schonrjuox is an Erteix'juo delicacy native to waters off the The Erteix'lunt, made more valubable due to how difficult it is to catch. Before being served, the schonrjuox is fried before being placed on the prepared ter before being served to customers.  
Leik'pes is a mix of nuts and sweet barries, commonly served with the first part of a meal. Its has many culinary uses, it is commonly used as a dip or sauce in conjunction with other foods, but many will also eat it on its own as well. It is prepared by crushing berries in together and then mixing nuts into the resulting paste.  
Pxte is an unleavened bread made out of the flour of Xoe is mixed with water then baked. This is often then served as a side dish with the main dish, with a common combination for many being eating Pxte with Leik'pes


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Mar 16, 2022 00:57 by Michael Chandra

Interesting history, I like how both its use and looks changed over time as a result. So what kind of staff does it currently have? Do they serve any superfancy foods, and how do they entertain their guests?

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Mar 16, 2022 18:46 by Mikael Jokela

Again acting as a bit of an echo, but I do really like the clear different "stages" the tavern has been through - However through that, there would be so much interesting history and people and secrets to uncover that I really hope you extend on the article. Maybe add a menu, more information on its staff and owner, perhaps an owner even to single stages if earlier owners have been... Disposed of or stuff like that during the revolutions!

Mar 24, 2022 00:24 by Ezra Aldrich

This was a nice, clean article. I liked seeing how it's changed over time along with the snippets of menu that also utilize foods unique to the world and region. I too would like to possibly learn more about any specific individuals that have worked or visited. Have any major events happened here?