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Emperor Lysander's Final Decree

Written by starzomskiwrites


The purpose of Emperor Lysander's Last Decree is an open invitation for the strongest member of his court to step up and lead his country. Since he had no living heir by the time of his death, he decided instead that the strongest member of his court shall rule in his stead.

Historical Details


In the year 1237 FO, Emperor Lysander the Exalted was dying. On his deathbed, since he had no living heirs, his closest attendant asked him who would rule the Brekarian Empire in his place. His response was that only the strongest among his court would rule. This sparked a series of disagreements within his court about who was the strongest and most fit to rule, leading to the end of the Fourth Age and the beginning of the century-long Thronetaker's War that would mark the beginning of the Fifth Age.

Public Reaction

The public masses of the Brekarian Empire were initially interested to see who the strongest member of the court would be revealed to be, and later terrified when many of the nobles within his court declared war on each other for control over the Brekarian Throne. Many rose to the cause and support of a particular noble or dynasty, and others simply profited off the chaos. Others still did the best they could to avoid involvement, eventually pulling themselves into boundary lines of new nations and territories.


This declaration led to the fall of the Brekarian Empire, and the rising of the three modern-day human-dominated nations of Lanora, those being the Empire of Kenereth, the Kingdom of Nealthys, and the Margraviate of Taria. It also led to the signing of the treaty that would end the Time of Strife and officially recognise many of the modern nations of Geloriel.
Decree, Royal
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth
Authoring Date
1237 FO


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