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1333 F.D.

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Daring cunning, disturbed circumstances, destroyed civilizations. Countries rise and fall as always...but in lieu of most recent history, a terrible battle of Gods and their will, in the wasteland left behind rises a new threat. The dread undead energy covered the land and summoned damned creatures, powerful beyond death and scheming unendingly.   Atop the organizations and forces already bent on destruction comes situations to break millenia-long tradition, tragedy awaiting those unable to cope. Kingdoms set their hopes on single individuals, heroes and otherwise outsiders unknowing in customs and culture. Powerful men and women all around the planet soar to new heights in search of destiny, hope or truth.   Gods do not regret their actions but always see consequences...even to their own mistakes. Take head as the pigheaded deities rush forth toward the unending struggle against their godly enemies, followers faithly commanded towards yet another country-wide tragedy in play. The world theater has set its stage awaiting newcomers.