Grimhammer was born as Arthur Aetherling, a half-mythical king and founder of Lomar, who in early years of Preimperial Era waged war against Nythrathril, a terrible and dreadful being whom he imprisoned beneath the waters of Frozen Sea.   He was worshipped as an ancestor spirit of Aetherling dynasty and a lesser deity of war, after the collapse of Lomarian state imported to the Imperium by the fleeing refugees. Soon he was declared an imperial demigod, serving beneath Ember, a chief imperial god and patron of honour, under the name of Grimhammer.

Divine Domains

War, Honour, Sanity.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An ice-covered hammer.

Tenets of Faith

His chief tenet is obliteration of daemons of Pentagram wherever and whenever they can be encountered. As a demigod his 'domain' is thus rather limited, especially as aberrants are a rare sight, but when they do show, his help is always needed.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Destruction of Pentagram as a whole and ensuing that Nythrathril stays in his prison forever.

Physical Description

Body Features

Manifests as a towering warrior in primitive mail, wide shield made of driftwood and a long-handed warhammer he wields in his right hand.

Facial Features

His face is hidden behind a mask of sad human face, sculpted from wood in a rather rough manner. He is told to never show his true face, even when fighting against beings from Pentagram.

Special abilities

Capable of using powerful magic of stone and earth, with his hammer capable of dealing devastating damage, and surrounded by aura that causes pain to daemons of Pentagram, capable of banishing most of them without even needing to raise his hammer.

Divine Classification
Biological Sex
Hidden behind his mask.
Shoulder-long, dark blond.
Circa 150kg.


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