Season 2: James' Story

The story is designed to be inserted into the main narrative with James's Story being intertwined within it. Meaning that the things James does or say may not be below.   The story below is intended to be a burnt Journal so some parts of the story will be missing, mainly the subplot about the zombie callers. As the pages may have been burned or lost. This story follows James and the characters come and go from that perspective. Please note that some days will have trigger warnings. On a positive note, more of my character’s background is given.

James Woodwright does not own Game of Tomes

Prologue - The Lapin Chapter - Private James

October 31 2024 - Day 1462

James is sitting at a desk, working on documentation and sees rather an important taxation documentation that has not been dealt with in many months and had not been updated in those months James looks in this top draw for some sealing wax.   When he did so he found that his remaining stick was running out and would need to replenish his supply to continue working. He parked up what he was working on and set the taxation documentation on top. Leaving his desk he took the key to his quarters.   Leaving the door locked he when to where the supplies were kept in The Warren. Once he got to the right shelf he looked found at empty boxes of red and pink sealing wax. James went down to the first floor and found himself to the finance department to withdraw 7 gold 5 silver from his pay, something that was not touched.   Thanked the cashier in the finance department and walk to the scriptorium to get 2 boxes of 48 sealing wax and something for himself.   On his way to the store, he found a messenger leading a horse by its reins holding two messages. James didn’t think anything more than that and continued on.   As he enters the store with the bell ringing signifying his presence a woman of now more than 35 comes to the counter.   Woman: How can I help you Private?
James: Can I have a box of red, one pink and 2 sticks of copper coloured sealing wax, please?
Woman: of course I’m pleased you came down here, it’s good to see members of House Lapin in my store
Woman: That will be 5 gold 3 silver
  James gives exact change, picks up his purchase and bid the shopkeeper well. As he makes his way back he greets his fellows leaving and runs back to House Lapin.   As he nears house lapin this type of traffic lowers.   Entering house Lapin, he sees Sable distressed looking down and with one of her arms crossed partially covering two messages with her arm and ruffling her hair with the other.   James seeing this drops the sealing wax to the floor the sealing wax sticks scattering on the floor. He runs over to Sable.   James: Whats wrong Sable![/br]   James places a hand on her upper arm.   James: Sable it’s ok, one of your members is here, what’s the matter, everything will be ok.
  Sable looks up, sees it’s James, looks down again, and shakes her head.   Sable: [Sullen]No it won’t James. We have lost support from House Incendium and Felis. I have had word that the houses will be under attack. Coupled that with I have declared war with Chiroptera.
James makes a slight nod and looks to Sable.   James: I can make it better, you will see Sable, Lapin for Life.
  After retrieving the sealing wax, James heads to The Warren’s storerooms to put the boxes into storage and take a few sticks of pink and red for the documentation.   James reaches his quarters and unlocks the door, he goes to his desk and opens the draw for a fresh sheet of parchment and writes a letter to Sable.  

Dear House Leader, Sable Aradia

As it is apparent that you may be in danger as we have lost our bannerman of Incendium and Felis.

You previously wished for me to be part of your elite guard and allowed me to decide when I wanted to be promoted. As I have said, you might be in danger, I wish to expedite the decision and become one of your elite guards for the war you foresee.

Your Loyal Member
James Woodwright

  James folds the message and then seals it three times, he seals the message with the pink, Lapin in the middle with the red on the left with the copper one on the right. He turns the message over when the wax is set and writes House Leader, Sable Aradia.   James opens the door and looks down either side of the corridor and spots no one there and locks the door behind him and walks to Sable’s Quarters. Since he knew Sable would be away on important business but still in The Warren, he slips the message under the crack in her door for her to see it later.   James heads back to quartes and completes some more of the documentation.  

The Lapin Chapter

November 1 2024 - Day 1462

Entering the lobby James’ heart skips a beat when Lapin’s lobby as it were when James enlisted for Lapin was set out for the same ceremony, in fact, it was already being used as such with men and women coming in with their forms and swearing their oaths. Leaving house Lapin James seas that the queue is longer than last time.   James heads for his usual guarding post and begins his duty not many people were asking for directions but were asking if he was ok. He gave as much an honest answer as he could.   Nearing the three hours mark James sees a higher-ranked member of Lapin run towards him.   Sergeant: Attention, Woodwright
Sergeant: You are to see the Leader to House Lapin after today’s recruits have come in for today
Sergeant: Do you understand, Woodwright?
James: Sir! Yes Sir!
Sergant: Dismissed Woodwright James sees the sergeant march off. James serves the remainder of his guard duty and heads to the canteen to have some dinner.   After such, he makes sure that new recruits are not coming into The Warren. Once he ensures this he heads up to Sable’s quarters and knocks on the door. Once allowed in he comes through the door.   Seeing James Sable gets up from where she was sitting and comes to the front of her ornate desk. James walks to be opposite her desk.   Sable: Good to see you James I have accepted your request to be an elite guard. Since you were the first to request the promotion, you will be my Captain of the Owsla.
James: I am honoured.
Sable: You should be!
Sable: Please can you reveal your lower right arm and put it on the table I work at, palm up and please remember to try and keep still.
  James rolls up the sleeve of his jumper and shirt to above his elbow and lays his arm on the table palm up.   James knows what is going to happen, as Sable is about to turn into a were rabbit, James looks up to see Sable’s human features recede and those of a rabbit’s come into view.   Next Sable, tries to calm James in here were rabbit form but doesn’t help much.   With her craw to James’ flesh, she begins. James was in so much pain he tried to stay still but shook slightly from it he, could feel himself sweat in comfortable areas and thought at one point he had wet himself from the intense feeling of his flesh being carved. His, body jerked uncontrollably and a straight line became curved what had happened had.   After all five runes were carved, Sable turned back to human form and looked concerned to James but ordered him to go downstairs to get his wounds stitched and bandages stitched and to then clean up the blood trail he left.   Upon coming back with a bandage around his lower right arm and being informed that he would have to wait 10 days for the wounds to be healed enough for the stitches to be removed. Sable ordered him to bring two boxes up he got help from DMStretch to bring up a longwise thin one but managed to bring up a more cubic box.   Sable: very good James, if you could leave them near the entrance to this room without making them a trip hazard that would be good.
James: Yes house Leader.
  James moves the boxes so that they are at an angle against the wall. With DMs stretch leaving the room.   James: Would that be all Honourable House Leader?
Sable: Yes and no. Yes, that is it but before you go back to your private quarters I must show you where your Captain Quarters are.
  James follows Sable out of the room and they turn right until they reach the next door. Which looks less ornate but still shows off his rank. James opens the door and finds a room larger than his private quarters. Which had an open floor and ornate desk with much more draws. A bed that looked comfier than his private quarters.   James: Thank You, Sable.
Sable: Not at all, you earned it James, Captain of the Owsla
James: I should bring my things up.
Sable: Dont worry about it, there is always tomorrow and I will get someone else to bring it up for you.
James: Thank you, Sable
  James Salutes, departing James closes the door and pulls the covers away from the edge to make a triangle shape.   Sitting at his new desk he went through the draws in wonderment seeing that he has enough stationery and new wax seal to use as well as his wax stocks were well supplied.   Feeling a yawn come on. James changes for bed opening his wardrobe, something he hadn’t had since enlisting for Lapin he saw that he had a pair of nightclothes in a lighter pink than his pink and changed into them swopping them for his current uniform.  

November 2 2024 - Day 1464

Waking in his new bed he got up and changed in the uniform that had been placed in there for him. He looked at the upper left sleeve of the jumper and found a shield emblem of a rabbit holding a spear. His new rank insignia.   Closing the door behind him he went to check on Sable.   Sable: Good morning James [yawn] good nights rest?
  James nodded at attention.   Sable: And I assume you have not had breakfast yet?
James: No House Leader, It is always best to check your charge.
Sable: While you’re here, then. I need you to assemble the boxes you bought up yesterday.
James: Sure thing House Leader.
  James opens the larger of the two boxes and finds instructions to construct a desk he lays out the pieces in a logical order and begins to construct the desk. When he gets to the stage of putting the sides on he calls up DMStretch who is in House Lapin for official reasons to help James.   Once the desk is constructed, James builds the contents to the other box which is of course a chair. Moving the completed furniture, to be near the entrance to the door.   Sable: very good captain, I will call up for your breakfast and another for your documentation. I have some other bits of documentation that you can now do, since your promotion.
  James nods and sits at his new desk of operations. He goes to the other room to take a few of the writing equipment from his personal desk of his quarters to his Owsla desk.   Sable called up a private to get their breakfasts. James requested that they Sable’s first. the private congratulates James on his promotion and leaves.   They enjoy breakfast and enjoyed that he had fruit encased in metal that he had to use a device to open and was told that the metal is called a can and the opener a can opener.   Sable came over to his desk and gave him some documentation and a pencil   Sable: Could you work on these. I’m giving you a pencil so I can see how you answer these.
  Giving James the file he works on the documentation with a pencil. When finished he gave the documentation back to Sable for evaluation.  

November 11 2024 - Day 1473

James wakes up to see Sable.   James: Good morning Sable, unless you want something I am going to get my stitches removed and come back up.
Sable: Not at all, James when you come back we will go through your new were powers
  James nods eagerly to Sable and he walks downstairs to the infirmary.   Returning back he continues with the private documentation that was left assigned to him. After a few more minutes afterwards. Sable invites James over to her desk.   James comes over and they reveal each other’s scaring.   Sable: You have no doubt felt a sort of fire running through your veins as you go about your important Lapin duties.
James: yes Sable.
  Sable nods.   Sable: If you feel that fire goes around you try and force it to go faster. Once you do you feel the transformation to occur and to change back you just wish it to be so.
  James nods and feels the fire go around his body; he concentrates and works out a way to do what Sable wanted. As this happens instead of James becoming taller and muscular as well as more fury he lunges forward and falls to his knees his legs fuse and his human features recede and are replied with a stripy animal’s.   Sable seeing this is in shock as her face is wide in fear.   Sable: [shouting]Something has gone wrong with James’s transformation he’s a tiger.
  James attempts to speak in his tiger form, to him he says and runs after her.   Tiger-James: Sable, come back it’s still James I don’t want to hurt you….
Tiger-James: [Pleading] please come back.
  Sable: He is roaring I don’t know what he wants some, help me!   James comes behind Sable in an almost cat-like manner trying to be friendly with its owner. However, Sable is still scared.   Sergeant: If thats truely James …
  He pauses for a moment.   Sergeant: [shouting] some one get a cage
  Sometime later with James tried me make people chill by rubbing against them or moving his tiger head near their hand so they would pet him, anything to get them to calm down. James was getting fed up and laid on the floor of the lobby to House Lapin.   A cage is produced and rolled into the room, and James looked at it and made a huffing sound and walked into the cage obediently. When he got into the threshold of the cage they held the door closed and locked the padlock trapping James inside.   Sable: Can someone do me a favour?
  Multiple voices rang out and Sable put her hand out for silence and made a stabbing motion with her hands and then signed sleeping. Someone nodded and a syringe with sedative was produced and stuck to the end ok the stick.   The Lapin member with a stick walked behind james and japed him with it injecting the sleepy mixture into him.   Before the sedative worked its magic on james he looked at the paw pads of front right leg of his tiger self and tried to say   James: I hope you know what you’re doing
  Before collapsing sleeping in the cage.   Sable: Can someone get me, a length of chain two padlocks and a collar that will change its diameter with its wearer?
  Someone off in the distance nodded and produced a 40cm of chain and the other idea. As expected Sable put the collar around the tiger’s neck and padlocked one end to the collar. With the other end of the chain wrapped around one of the bars and secured the other end with the padlock. Sable was handed the keys.   Corporal: I take it you want us to take his cage to the Lapin’s prison cells then, House Leader?
Sable: He hasn’t done anything wrong, his transformation went wrong, take him up to my quarters. Put him opposite my bed against the wall.
  Others nodded and managed to get a cage with a tiger up four floors in Sable’s quarters.  

November 12 2024 - Day 1474

James awoke in the cage, with a pounding headache his body felt empty of nutrition he felt starved and his backside felt like a small child’s after being corporally punished by it’s parents. The next thing he noticed was that he was under a blanket he could distinctly tell that under this blanket that he was naked.   The next thing he felt was the collar around his neck, James wasn’t sure if it was for his safety or if he was being sold into slavery, but could tell it was more for his safety as he couldn’t move his neck that far.   It was just then he knew he was being observed and shook in his cage in surprise.   Sable: Don’t be surprised we did it for your safety and ours!
Sable: Here is a fresh set of uniforms your others will be found soon.
  Sable passes the uniform through the bars.   James: [incredulous] You set me up for that!
Sable: [defensive]What do you mean?
James: You knew I was going to be naked if I turned back into human form.
Sable: I knew there would be a chance that your clothes would not stay with you
Sable:I take it you will want that metal off you then?
James: Would it be possible for you to leave the collar on? it will be easier for me in here if you just relieve me of this chain.
  Sable nods and takes the chain out of the cage and goes back to her desk which could hear her do but see her at her desk. James puts on the uniform.   James: Im clothed can you release me from this cage?
Sable: No you have something to learn about your were powers and your better in that cage than out of it.
  James nodded glumly.   Sable: James it’s fine you have much to learn about your powers.
  James nods in understanding.   Sable: So when your thinking about the fire moving around your body think about you still having clothes on when you change back. Oh and try and nod and shake your head I cant understand your roars.
  Sable and James laugh.   James manages to turn back into a tiger and looks at his paw pads and licks his paws.   Sable: James?
  Tiger james nods his head.   Sable: try and turn back.
  James turns back but his top half is nude.   Sable: Well thats an improvement from last time
  Both of them snigger, Sable hands James a shirt and Jumper, to put on.   Sable: turn back into a tiger
  James turns back into a tiger and thinks about having all his clothes on when he comes back to be in human form. Once a tiger again he licks his other paw and tries to scratch himself but can quite reach in his tiger form.   Sable: Good and change back?
  James turns back into human form with his clothes on.   Sable: Im going to unlock your cage but I want to try something is that ok?
  James agrees and Sable unlocks the cage. A collared James leaves his cage and walks over to Sable.   Sable: could you kneel James?
  James complies.   Sable: I apologise if what I’m about to do makes you feel degraded.
  James nods his understanding and says he doesn’t mind. Sable goes over to her desk for the chain and padlock and padlocks the chain to James’s collar, to make a lead.   James: Don’t worry I know you’re doing this to be certain of yourself
  Sable smiles back.   Sable: turn into a tiger I will give you more chain if you need it.
  James turns into a tiger and slightly chokes but Sable gives more chain so that he can breathe. Sable comes in closer to James’s tiger form and James sits. Sable then gives the tiger form a stroke and scritches to get comfortable with James’s tiger form and Sable stops.   Tiger-James: Could you not I was enjoying that
Sable: What did you say?
Tiger-James: I said I was enjoying the stroking and scritches.
Sable: You do realise you said that in your tiger form and I understood you, right?
  Not really realising James rises what he thinks is his hands and sees his paws and smiles.   Tiger-James: So now I can talk to you in tiger form that going to be useful!
  While James turns back into human form and Sable laughs under her breathe.   James: Do you mind taking this collar off me unless you want to walk me over to my Owsla desk
  Sable Laughs and gets the key for the collar and opens it, to Sable’s surprise James doesn’t rub his neck but thanks her.   James walks over to his desk and look finds the documentation he was working on and completes a thick political file. After this Sable gives a file to James.   Sable: Do you mind completing this tomorrow it will involve calling people up here.
James: Sure thing Sable.

November 13 2024 - Day 1475

The next morning James is found at the Owsla desk and opens the file that Sable gave him yesterday and finds he needs to fill in names to who will train who in the weapons training class for the new recruits. Filling in names into the three forms for Alistar, Matthew and John.   Looking up, James finds that Sable is talking with a corporal. When Sable dismisses her he gets her attention and asks her to fetch, his breakfast too.   James: Please tell Alistar, Matthew and John, to come up here to collect who their students will be, but please don’t tell Alister who the person’s name is just that the Captain of the Owsla wants to see him.
  The corporal agrees to these odd terms and leaves to inform the three. Sable gives a knowing smile to James.   Matthew arrives first and they shake hands James hands him the thick file of where his students’ quarters are so he can inform them that he is their weapons trainer. Matthew thanks, James.   James: Not at all Matthew is good to see you, give my regards to Michael if you see him.
  Matthew nods and leaves the room. The meeting with John goes a similar as it did with Matthew.   Alister on the otherhand.   Alistair: I’m here to see the Captain of the Owsla to collect my student list.
  James is looking down at some paperwork about trade routes between Kelowna to Vancouver. Looks up slowly.   James: Do you mean me, Alister?
  James shows his patch denoting his new rank, within House Lapin.   Alister: [shouting]You, how can it be you of all people!
  James calmly gets up from his chair and walks around, to Alistair.   James: Where were you in the previous war, where were you.
Alistair: I’m not answering that!
James: [strict]Attention Corporal.
  Alister obeys the order.   James: We can do this officially if you want.
James: Where. Were, you. In. The. Final. Battle?
Alistair: [whisphers] I was undead
James: [strict shouting] I can’t hear you Corporal, where were you in the final battle?
  Alister mumbles the answer and James pulls out, tiger, his sword.   Sable: uh, James, no murdering trainers.
James: It’s quite alright.
  Using the flat side of his sword he pushes Alister against the wall.   James: [shout]unless you want a fight in the courtyard
James: [High common]Where were you in the final battle?
  Alistar face lit up with the sound of high common leaving James’ lips.   Alister: Sir I was undead.
James: and where was I, you must have heard the stories by now.
Alister: You were on the front line protecting …
James: And!
  Alister pauses for a long moment.   James: And Corporal!
Alistair: You helped Sable and the leader of the squids find the Iron Tome.
James: And you chose to come back to the living
James: [serious]When Sable gave the instructions to allow members of Lapin to stay with Mollusca to tidy up. You did, While I didn’t. Sable offered me this rank but I didn’t take it.
  Alistair look surprised that James chose to become a Private instead.   James: You see Alister I joined House Lapin, to have my life mean something with the living won in the previous war, that was fulfilled and I aimed to be your rank.
James: I was selfless in my aims and when Sable told me the news I took up her offer
James: Do you see my, point?
  Alister nods, James releases him, and goes to sit down and give him the thick file. Before Alister could leave the room.   James: You have one verbal warning.
Alister: I don’t take my orders from you.
James: Expect punishment in your future then for insubordination.
  Alister leaves.   Sable: James, was that entirely necessary?
James: I get your point House Leader but he does need to be taken down a notch.
  Sable nods and gets back to her work while he does the same.   James comes to the next file of the pile and opens it, relieving a message…  

Dear Captain of the Owsla

You are required to have a team of four which includes you, please come up with some candidates you wish to nominate and inform me of your choices.

House Leader, Sable Aradia
    James takes a long think and even goes for a walk and asks a sergeant to guard Sable while he is away and goes past Adam the blacksmith and takes a mental note.   Returning he relieves the Sergeant and writes three names on the parchment the message was written on.  
  • DMStretch
  • Sir Kajetan
  • Kitoypoy
  James hands this back to Sable and she gives it a read.   Sable: A good pick James!
Sable: It looks to be getting rather later you are welcome to leave to go back to bed.
  James nods his thanks and does the necessary ritual when being dismissed.   Heading back to his quarters he changes clothes not from his uniform to night clothes but to a clean set of uniforms. He changes from human form to his tiger form and goes to sleep on the rug in his quarters.  

November 15 2024 - Day 1476

James, still in tiger form gets woken up when someone is knocking at the door.   Sable: Wake up Captain I have something to show you.
Tiger-James: [Yawn]Right away Sable, please can you open the door im in my tiger form?
  Sable opens the door revealing a once sleeping tiger on a rug.   Sable: Do you sleep often in your tiger form?
Tiger-James: As much as I can, I quite enjoy my tiger form.
  Sable pounders this.   Sable: After I show you this thing do you mind turning back into a tiger so you can be measured for a basket, I can’t have you sleeping on the floor like a pauper James.
  James nods understanding her point, he walks towards her in tiger form but turns human when he gets to her.   James: I am ready when you are.
Sable: Right this way James.
  James follows Sable to her office and quarters and sees that there are three people awaiting him.   DMSstretch: [unison with Sir Kajetan and kitoypoy] Captain!
James: Thank you.
Sable: You were nominated by the Captain, to be part of the Owsla, to be my protector, do you accept this role?
DMStretch: [unison with Sir Kajetan and kitoypoy]I do!
  They are handed their new uniforms and James draws up a grid that looks like an empty schedule.   James: We will be part of a rota if you can’t fit something in. Tell me and I can change it
  They all nod.   James: Since my shift is nearly ending, Kajetan do you mind taking the seat next when Kitoypoy after that.
  Kajeten nods.   James: DMStretch, I nominate you as my second in command and my weapons trainer.
DMStretch: Thank you.
James: Not at all.
Sable: Stretch go out of here turn left second door on the left is yours.
DMStretch: Thank you Sable.
  As others are given keys to their Owsla quarters, James informs them that since Kajetan is at the desk he is on duty to protect Sable, if they require him he will be going to the nearby blacksmiths run by Adam. Sable’s ears prick to this.   Sable: James you're the Captain of the Owsla why arent you going to a Lapin approved blacksmith for high ranking members?
  James walks over to Sable and holds her right hand in both hands.   James: Sometimes it is better to do what is right than what is expected, Sable.
James: Like buying a bread roll at the local bakers and getting into an argument.
  Sable’s face sculps itself in the form of recognition, remembering how a private once came to her of his post-war worries.   James lets her hand to fall by her side. Walking to the door before leaving turns and looks at Sable   James: Lapin for Life and Sable for success.
  James leaves The Warren, and heads right down the street, to the blacksmith. Coming to the entrance, Adam has his back to James turning steel stock in a forge to get it to temperature.   James: You never got round to fixing my fence to my home, you know.
  Adam turns on the spot jumping centimetres of the floor.   Adam: [surprised]Oh hi James what can I do for you.
  James walk forwards and lends on a wooden workbench something that has a few hammers in reach of an anvil and a few brushes but not much else. In the light of the forge, Adam can’t see the rank insignia of James’ upper left arm.   James: [tries to waste time with pleasantries]Just checking on things, how people’s lives are going. Since the end of the previous war.
Adam: Most of us are doing well, I’m keeping busy with the work coming in.
James: Good, Good. Hows the family are they fed and doing well?
  Adam cocked an eyebrow.   Adam: What is this about James?
James: Oh fine you got me!
James: I need a chain mail shirt made for myself.
Adam: Why?
  James looks grave for a second   James: There is another war coming.
Adam: Ah I see, I better get some material in.
  James agrees to this and shows his pin in the dim light.   Adam: Ah your the Captain of the Owsla, you seem to be getting places!
James: It’s also why I need chainmail.
Adam: Ah I see, why didn’t you go to the Lapin’s Blacksmiths for higher-ranking members.
James: You know Sable, brought the same thing up, I want to support you not what I should be doing.
  Adam nods and starts to measure James up for some chainmail.   After this Adam tells James that it will take no more than a week and that he will need to adjust some armour that someone didn’t collect. James thanks Adam and pays the full price ahead of time.  

November 16 2024 - Day 1477

In the evening rain is hitting the window panes of House Lapin. In James’ quarters, DMstretch and he are talking about the times that DMStretch had while part of the Varangians before he and Nathiala got to House Lapin. James is writing the detail for a book.   DMstretch tells the story of how he and Nathiala Flead House Chiroptera and managed to get to House Lapin.   After a while and getting bored of repeating some parts for James to get right, DMStretch looks at his crossbow and grasps it in his hands and says.   DMStretch: Where are those zombies I can’t wait to use this on them.
  James looks back to DMStretch and smiles.  

November 17 2024 - Day 1478

Early in the morning when Sable, was talking to a corporal, James looks up repetitively to see if the conversation had ended. Continuing with trade documentation he waits for it’s end.   Once it does.   James: Corporal?
Corporal: Yes, Captain?
James: When you have finished Sable’s tasks would it be possible for you to go to this brownsmiths?
  James writes down the address to the brownsmiths on a slip of paper.   James: And get another brass gear made. If you could credit it to my account.
James: I could get a small home with the money that is stored up there.
  Sable sniggers a bit to this and the corporal nods and leaves.   James: Do you mind if I withdraw some stocks of our copper to remake some amulets of heat, Sable?
Sable: If you’re planning on selling those amulets to the uninitiated to House Lapin, that would be ill-advised.
  James shakes his head   James: no I just think it will be advisable for some members to have an amulet of heat on them in the coming conflict, especially when the new Brass Gear runs out on us as the first did.
  Sable nods and agrees. James and leaves, Sable’s Office and Quarters to knock on Kitoypoy’s door.   James: Kit, it’s your turn.
  From the other side of the door, James hears an ok and leaves for the Library.   At the Library, James turns the corner going left into the library. A man in his 40’s, with hair uncharacteristically for his age, stood at attention.   James: At ease, Sable is not accompanying me.
  The Librarian stands calmly.   James: Do we still keep the begineer’s Litreomancy Book, we used did last year?
  The Librarian nods and shows James where they are. James takes a familiar tome of about 4 cm thick and flips through the book looking at the project he is looking for a familiar chapter that comes in to view as the browning of the pages are more so here than in other places.   James: Thank you do you have two volumes of the same tome?
  The librarian once again nods and with a skim and scan, he finds the same volume. As James leaves he asks for two bookmarks and opens both books to the same page and lay each bookmark on the same page closes both books, leaving with them he wishes the librarian well.   Using his mind’s eye he goes through House Lapin and remembers that the storerooms are on the opposite side of the building to the Canteen but on the third floor. He makes his way up the main satire case to the first floor and goes to one corner of the building to finish his ascent.   Once in the storerooms, he takes out the storeroom guide on where things should be and makes a mental note of where the copper and Litreomancy tools are for engraving.   After fetching these he headed back to Sable’s office and went to the shared desk of the Owsla members opened the draw and placed one of the volumes into the draw returning back and allowing Kitoypoy to look was placed and close the draw for him. James announced that if anyone needed him he would be in his quarters both Sable and Kitoypy nodded leaving for his quarters he placed the book down on the desk to the right and copper pieces to the right with the tools ahead of him working through the afternoon James opens the book to the marked page and begins to engrave the copper pieces to make the Amulet of heat he planned to make.  

November 18 2024 - Day 1480

Waking up James looks to his desk and sees that he has completed two of the amulets, realising he has not got the cords he comes into the Sable’s Quarters to check the rota and found that Kajetan had the first slot and that in fact, he honourably was sitting at his desk. Noting this James greats the pair and goes back to the storerooms to find the cordage for the amulets he takes enough to make the number of amulets he is making.   James heads back to his quarters to drop off the items and heads past Sable’s office once again and informs the pair that he will be going to his old guarding post for rest and relaxation but more than likely to get information from the guards.   Both no.   James leaves the Warren and goes to his old guarding spot on a hill. Reaching that spot he is welcomed by the current guard being at attention and Saluting.   James: Thank you ….
  James tries to take a look at the person’s upper left arm for their rank insignia.   James: Private, it is needed Sable, the Leader of Lapin, is not with me.
  Realising this, the private relaxes.   James: So with things how are they, how are people coping?
Private: people seem to be fine, apart from needing directions more and buying more food but they seem to be ok.
Private: James, Captain of the Owsla, why are we at war with the bats?
James: I never thought to ask, I am Sable’s protector, not her advisor.
Private: but you have in the past?
James: Yes but that is because she may have needed it I don’t give her advice she doesn’t need, she has enough on her plate already.
James: Yes I will ask her.
  Both leave on good terms and James goes up to Sable’s Office.   Sable: Hi James, how can I help you I see DMStretch is at the Owsla desk.
James: Sable, why are we at war with Chiroptera?
Sable: I’m surprised you don’t know.
James: Sable, I do you trade notifications and trade tax as well as your protector. Apart from the war affecting trade. I wouldn’t need to know why we have declared war with the bats.
James: It’s just some of us don’t know what type of war it is, bear in mind the last war was the living vs the undead
  Sable shrugs and makes a loud sigh.   Sable: If you must know I found a bat-shaped, Zombie summoner in our territory
  James nods and goes over to the Owsla desk and opens the top draw for a sheet of parchment and two wax seals his of a hammer striking an anvil and other of a rabbit. He looks to see a used stick of pink wax but no copper coloured wax so walk to his quarters to fetch it. Returning back he kneels down to write a message to CoffeeQuills, The Cosmic Kraken.  
Dear our esteemed ally, Coffee Quills.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could open your vaults and touch the Iron Tome. As we are having issues with Zombies over in Kelowna.

I hope this doesn’t bother you

Captain of Owsla, James Woodwright of House Lapin

  James folded this message the standard way. He struck a match and lit a candle using the candle he melted Pink and Copper wax in two places. With the pink wax, he puts the rabbit seal and with the copper, he puts the anvil seal.   Once the wax had hardened James took the message and held it tightly and walked as if in a hurry to the docklands of Kelowna.   James: [shouts]This message. . . .
  He holds the two seals message in the air.   James: [shouts] . . . . needs to go to the Molluscan Isle, to the Great Kraken herself!
  For a long pause, there is no reply but then there is a muffled voice from a ship off in the distance saying "I'll do it!"   James smiles and walks over to the gentleman that says that they will do it. He digs his hand in his pocket and pulls out a few coins of spare change he gives the gentlemen 2 gold pieces.   The gentlemen nods and they leave on their separate ways.    

November 25 2024 - Day 1487

James is sitting at the Owsla desk working on some important documentation for the trade security of Kelowna and the surrounding area. When a sergeant comes into the room. There look around the door to see who is at the Owsla Desk at the sight of James they sigh and open the door wider so they can get to James.   Sergeant: James this message is addressed to you.
James: Thanks Sergeant, unless Sable needs something from you, I thank you for delivering this message.
  Sable shakes her head and the sergeant leaves. He flips the message in his hands and sees that the wax seal is a deep purple and has an Octopus as its symbol.   James eagerly opens the sealed message.  
Dear Captain of the Owsla.

I would if I could but I have looked in the Molluscan vaults and have found that the iron tome has been stolen.


I am as of yet trying to find out who stole the iron tome I am sorry I could not help you out.

  The Great Kraken, Coffeequills

November 26 2024 - Day 1488

The next morning when James is at the Owsla desk a corporal comes up to Sable but she tells them to go to the Captain of the Owsla. The corporal admits not knowing who they are. Sable points to James.   Coropral: Captain of the Owsla the there is a Brass Gear waiting for you.
James: Thank you, corporal, if you would like to follow me. . . .
  James gets up from behind the desk and goes out of the office with a corporal in tow. They head to James’s quarters on a separate table proudly on display is the original Brass Gear. James goes to his neck and reveals the key to the draw and unlocks the drawer pulling out the paperwork.   James: Guard this paper work with your life.
  The private nods. He goes over to his writing desk with the sheets of paper and lays them out.   James: These are the runes that will need to be changed because they are the date ones and we don't need a carbon copy of that one.
  He points to the original.   Coropal: What am I going to do with this?
James: You are to start a team working on The Brass Gear, I am protecting Sable and so cannot do it myself. I will be there when it gets inserted.
Coropal: It's an honour but I'm just a Coropal!
James: So was I when I became the captain of the owsla!
  Getting the point the private leaves with the documentation.  

March 5 2025 - Day 1587

James wakes to a muffled sound to a bell ringing, realising it is the announcement bell and that his human form will not carry him to the event soon enough, so he turns into his tiger form.   As he reaches Sable’s quarters he bangs his head against the door.   Tiger-James: Don’t worry Sable, I will deal with it.
  James hears a tired Sable on the other side mumbling ok Captain.   As James reaches the stairs he roars to make his presence known and comes down the stairs. In between the top and the middle he turns back into human form.   Corporal: So the Captain of the Owsla is here what's your announcement?
James: That’s, Captain of the Owsla, Sir to you.
  James winks to the Corporal. The announcer who looks new in their roles.   Announcer: House Sauropoda, has fallen, but the House Leader, RPGDinosaurBob, survives and has bent the knee to House Tiki.   The Announcer repeats the announcement a few more times and James makes a mental note and heads to Sable’s Quarters and office. James knocks to ensure he is being polite. Hears a come in and looks to Sable with a nod and sits down facing Sable’s desk awaiting for her to sit down.   Once she does he relays the information to her, but is confused.   Sable: What is it Captain?
James: In the previous war, there wasn’t a Sauropda
Sable: Thats because House Avis and Apis have mysteriously disappeared and Houses Tiki and Sauropoda, rose to Great Houses
  James nods his understanding and updated information.   James: I won't question your knowledge Sable

December 7 2024 - Day 1499

James awakes and goes to the canteen instead of lining up; he is given two cans and a can opener. James asks for Sable’s breakfast also and receives the same number of cans. He goes back up the stairs to Sable’s office.   Sable is sitting at her desk with one of her hands on her brow and swaying in her seat. James kneels down and looks to examine Sable. Seeing she has panda eyes.   James: Look after yourself, Sable. You’re no use to us like this. Have some breakfast at least.
Sable: Thank you, Captain.
James: I think an early night is in order
  Sable nods to her Captain and he sits down. Finding a clean sheet of parchment he writes a note to the canteen on what he and her should have for lunch. At the next opportunity James gives the note to be delivered to the canteen.   At around 11am a crate is brought into the room with a logo of The Lemon Company burnt on its side with a book and parchment letter on top. The Lapin Member who brought the crate in puts it on the floor and brings the book and parchment letter to Sable and leaves the room.   Sable opens the lemon wax seal and reads out loud.  
Dear Gracious House Leader

Writer Greg here, to inform you that your deliveries of lemons are going to continue under another company name, with me as the leader as such I have widened my stock of which I sell please find attached catalogue.


Sincerely, WriterGreg,
CEO The Lemon Company.


December 8 2024 - Day 1500

As James is sitting at the Owsla desk. A Sergeant walks in.   Sergeant: Captain, there is someone here to see you.
James: Thank you, I will be right there.
  As he leaves the room he goes right and passes his quarter and knocks on Kitoypoy’s quarters door.   James: I need someone at the desk while i’m away
  James hears an ok from the other side of the door and goes to the lobby to see who wants to see him.   Once James arrives at the lobby he sees a familiar face.   James: Mesades, Leader of House Felis, Good to see you back in The Warren.
Misades: Likewise James, and I see that you're the Captain of the Owsla.
Misades: By chance can you take me to see Sable.
James: Of course, right this way, Misades.
  They head up to Sable’s Office.   James: I have someone for you to see, Sable.
Sable: [tired] who is it James?
  James opens the door wider to reveal it to be Misades. Upon the sight of Misades Sable seems to cheer up.   Sable: [happy]Hello Misades your returning your fealty to House Lapin.

December 11 2024 - Day 1503

As James sleeps he has a dream.   He finds himself sitting at the Owsla desk, there sable is pacing in front of the Owsla desk and walk to the desk with a book and throws the book to the desk to make a sound to make James jump.   This is successful, and Sable walks closer to James.   Sable: are you ok captain you like this since house Mollusca has fallen with dragonpagpie fell with house Canis, are you ok?   James looks up to Sable, curious.   James: [bewillered]Sable there is not a house called Canis.
Sable: There you go again!
James: There is no house Canis, what year is this?
Sable: James, its February 16 2028
  And with that, he shook himself awake.  

May 7 2025 - Day 1650

Late into the evening James as with Sable, work on documentation. A few moments james hears the snapping of twigs as if something broke. Alarmed by this James knocks on Kajetan’s door and asks him to take his place at the Owsla desk.   James: I am aware of a security threat to house Lapin I will investigate you will have Kajetan to protect you if I will neutralise the security issue.
Sable: Becarful James
  With a nod, James opens the door to the corridor turns into a tiger and growls.   Leaving The Warren James smells the air for something suspicious, his nose alerts him to go in a direction he makes his way around to the back entrance where Sable left in the previous battle and a strong odour of a scaly creature comes into the vision of James’s tiger-nose. James roars startling the Sauropodian. James sees there snares for the felis members to get caught in and runs over to the member of the other house.   James manages to get to the Saurpodian and finds that it is Dazzlikat, shocked he digs his claws in and attempts to pull Dazzlikat to the floor to arrest her. As soon as her back meets the ground she throws an egg that makes smoke appear and when it clears Dazzlikat is gone. James roars in defeat and breaks the snares. Returning to his desk in human form looking less defeated he replies Dazzlikat is part of the dinos and that the traps have been disarmed.  

August 10 2025 - Day 1745

James as in human form wakes up to the sound of the announcement, as before he changes into his Owsla uniform, opens the door and turns into a tiger. Once he gets to Sable’s door and announces he would get the information for her.   Getting to the lobby, James roars and turns into human form before reaching the bottom of the stairs.   Announcer: House Tiki, falls all the hammerheads are dead, Kahuna The Elder survives and has knelt to Chiroptera.   James nods and goes to Sable’s office. Reaching there James informs Sable of the news. James looks over to the Owsla desk and sees Kitopoy, wishing him well he informs the two he will be training with DMStretch, they all nod at each other and James leaves.   James leaves for the courtyard going through the library he sees Alistair with a private he was previous training. As Alistair gives James an expression of fiery eyes, James passes one back, if not more serious. Passing through the door James sees DMstretch in his Owsla uniform, James nods and goes to a where previously he would find training wooden swords and finds a wooden sword he and goes into the pose shown by Alistair.   James walks over to DMStretch who is holding a wooden single blade Viking style axe slung over his shoulder. DMStretch swings the axe without warning and James jumps backwards to dodge the sing. DMStretch attempts to strike James across the chest and again James dodges the blow.   James then tries to use his sword to disarm DMStretch this doesn’t work so, James drops the sword and transforms into a tiger and runs at DMStretch, reaching him he manages to roar at DMStretch and attempt to claw him. At the next growl, DMStrech uses his axe to hold James’ tiger mouth shut.   DMStretch: Turn into human-form we need to start again.
  James in his tiger form nods and turns back to human form and retrieves his training sword.   DMStretch: I have it on good authority that you can change into your were-form and keep your sword.
  DMStretch winks to James and casts his eye up to imply Sable told him.   James turns into a tiger keeping his sword walks around the courtyard once he has completed a circuit he turns back into human form mid-walk and sees he still has to sword with him. He nods to DMStretch.   He nods back.   DMStretch: James could you turn back into a tiger and come over?
  James turns back into a tiger and bounds over to DMStretch.   DMStretch: Now sit [James sits] good tiger
  James swishes his tail and DMStretch comes over to give James’ tiger form some scritches.   DMStretch: You know James, for something so fearsome your fur is so soft.
Tiger-JamesSo why did you want me in tiger form?
DMStretch: No reason, I just wanted to play with your fur
  DMStrech winks and James rolls his eyes. Unbeknownst to DMStrech James leaps suddenly onto DMStrech with both of them on the floor. James bites the wooden axe by its handle that is being held by stretch and pulls it from his grasp. James roars into DMStrech’s face and licks him there. Both Laugh.    

October 12 2025 - Day 1808

James comes in with four cans of food give half to Sable he goes to his desk and continues to fill in trade negotiations, reports and trade outcomes, feeling like he is being watched, he looks to Sable, who looks concerned.   Seeing this James gets up from his chair and sits opposite Sable.   James: Everything ok House Leader?
  Sable shakes her head.   James: Sable you can tell me, I am the captain of the Owsla, my job is to protect you. You know that.
  Sable nods and James regards her awaiting a reply.   Sable: I have a nightmare of you being attacked by a shark
James: Sable, that’s understandable. You want me around otherwise the familiarity changes. I get that.
James: Would it help if I turned into a tiger and you use my fur as a coping mechanism?
  Sable nods, as James gets up he turns into a tiger and licks his muzzle and goes over to her right side to sit.   Sometime later, about an hour later, a Sargent carrying a wax-sealed message comes into the room.   Sargent: Hello, House Leader, do you know where The Captain of the Owsla is?
Tiger-James: [as if in bliss]I am here, just in tiger form.
  James gets on all four paws and walks to the Sargent, ensuring that they witness him like a tiger he turns into human form once again.   James: There’s a message for me?
Sargent: There is, I don’t recognise the seal colour or its sigil.
  James looks at the seal with a dark green with flecks of light green with a sigil of a cat lying down comfortably. James informs them that it is the seal of House Felis. James thanks the Sargent and they make the L4L salute and leave. James nods with a smile.   Walking to the Owsla desk he sits down he looks at the address and sees that the handwriting is neat and has many loops. James turns the message over in his hand. The seal makes an audible snap as he breaks the seal unfolding the message he sees that it is addressed from the Catarch, Misades.    
Dear James Woodwright, Captain of the Owsla.

I wish to invite you to a meeting with my members of House Felis and with you. As you are the Captain of the Owsla it is important that you be there as you will be aware of the security of the warren.


We will meet in the wardroom in The Warren, there will be a meal as we discuss security and the events of the current war that we find ourselves in.

  Regards Misades
  James puts the message down and looks to Sable.   James: Sable, where are the wardroom?
  Unsurprised by the question, for james didn’t need to go beyond his Owsla members’ quarters, Sable replies.
  Sable: If you go out of here and right and go past the Owsla quarters and round the corner, you will see a door which is the wardroom. You will find it to be rather grand.
  James nods about this and decides to go to this meeting.   Much later on and looking at the time, looks up to see Kajetan ready to relieve him of his duties. James does so and leaves for the wardroom but goes into his quarters first to collect the required stationery.   Leaving his quarters and turns right going into the wardroom. With a large pine tavern style table that could seat up to 24 people on both sides on one of the ends sits a throne-like chair of which has shapes of brass and copper that make a geometric pattern of a rabbit’s head. Thinking this would be Sable’s seat.   He looks over to see members of House Felis and waves he is invited to sit down and sits on the right of Sable’s chair.   Breaking the ice with other members he is offered a drink of which at the beginning he asks for water to not drink alcohol too early. He looks at the meal selection, sees that Mountain Lion sausages are being offered, and gives the letters of what he is having. As he is having his starter he discusses the security arrangements of The Warren, mainly about The Brass Gear and how it works and that it is not the first to be made. As the meal goes on James is offered differing drinks in which he goes for a local whiskey.   Much later on when the mountain lion sausages are being served he asks about the ethics of turning into a tiger mid-meal. He is told that he can, he takes his plate of food and places it on the floor and turns into a tiger to finish his meal. He finds that his tiger self likes the sausages but returning to his human self he doesn’t.    

Dec 13 2025 - Day 1870

At night, James is looking through trade reports and is making notes in pencil in the margins. When a Sargent comes bursting into the office and looking at James in disarray.   Sargent: [panicked]Captain there is a situation on Kelowna’s streets that needs your attention.
James: [shouting orders]Sargent with me.
  James leaves the room with the Sargent and bangs on DMStretch’s and Kajetan’s doors.   James: [shout]Stretch and Kajethan you are required to come with me. Kitoypoy protect Sable.
  James here Kitoypoy’s reply and sees Stretch and Kajetan are ready for what the issue is.   James: [shouting orders]Leader the way sargent.
  The Sargent runs from the top of The Warren to a street which James recognises as the place he got angry with the man after the first war, not that far away from the headquarters of House Lapin.   James sees that the streets are teeming with the evils of the undead. James shouts to the crowds of people in the street.   James: Get inside and bolt your doors and don’t come out.
  The same man argues.   Man: Im not doing that they are in my home town, they are on the streets in my workplace. Of course, I’m going to fight.
James: [shouting] don’t play the hero, your wife and children will need their husband and father.
Man: No! James: The Owsla are here we will help you now leave!
  Looking at the man in fiery expression the man does not leave. James draws Tiger, his draws his sword and pummels the man in the sternum.   James: [furious]Now sod off and protect your family.
  James looks as if he will run the man through with his sword and the man gets the hint and runs off.   James and the others look up ahead down the street the threat. Some undead were attacking the citizenry of Kelowna.   James: [shouting]Owsla ready!
Stretch and Kajetan: Ready!
James: Attack.
  Sensing danger the undead went for the Owsla instead. James manages to cut the jaw off one of the zombies having missed the neck. Stretch fires his crossbow into one of the eyeballs of the undead. The Zombie looks around the bolt moves around.     The Zombie with the bolt attack Kajetan and he finds himself defending himself getting his sword he manages to decapitate the Zombie. The jawless attacks james, managing to slice his arm open with his blade, but James retaliates with a decapitation.   One of the other zombies notices an opening running past a preoccupied James, and attacking Kajetan with a mace, with one swing he gets it in the head with the handle and collapses.   Stretch: [shouting]James! Kajethan is down!
  James looks around quickly to see his fallen comrade slumped on the floor with blood coming down his forehead.   Returning sight back to his assailant he sounds back.   James: [serious]I order you to take Kajetan back to The Warren.
Stretch: [disbelieve]What?!
James: [serious]Commander Stretch of the Owsla, I order you to take our fallen comrade and leave me here!
  James can hear the boots of Stretch running over to Kajetan.   Undead: One. Left. Owsla. Ha. more. Like. Ows-la.
  James seeing there are five, James gets his sword ready and decapitates three of the undead.   Turning to run he make the undead follow him, like a predator chasing down their prey. Getting some distance he turns into a tiger and unexpectedly turns back to the undead and start attacking the remaining two.   Managing to kill the last two, he lies on top of the one who insulted the Owsla.   Tiger-James: The. Undead. More. like. Dead.
  James farts on his enemy and gets up and runs to The Warren.   Reaching the entrance to The Warren, James roars to get people’s attention and turns back into human form.   James: [serious]We have just had an attack from the undead I need people to be aware of the dangers.
  James points to a Sargent.   James: Sargent you will arrange a drill.
Alistair: But we have The Brass Gear.
James: [mockingly]But we have The Brass Gear.
  James grabs hold of Alistair and pushes him against a wall.   James: [angry]Do I need to remind you every time! If we are the house with the fewest words The Brass Gear, won’t help us. Do I need to remind you?
Alistair: Yes perhaps that would be wise.
  Alistair knew this was not going to end up will but was too curious.   James lets go of Alistair and he lets away from the wall. James asks one of Sargent to restrain Alistair. The Sargent holds Alistair’s wrist behind his back and james disarms Alistair.   Stepping away from Alistair James asks the Sargant to take Alistair’s weapons and to wait here. The Sargent nods and holds a short sword.   James: [offical]Attention Corporal.
  Alistair obeys the order.   James: [offical]You are going to follow me and follow my orders unless you have problems with authority?
James: Do you understand?
Alistair: Sir, yes sir.
  James leaves The Warren with Alistair in tow and they get halfway to where James intends to get to.   Alistair: But what about my weapons what if we get attacked?
James: If we do I will turn into a tiger and attack them and you flee.
  Alistair nods to this. They manage to get to where James has pushed off a bridge.   Alistair and James stand by the barrier of the bridge.   James: Do I have to remind you what happened here, Alistair?
Alistair: You don’t sir.
James: Good. There is something else I wanted to tell you.
Alistair: What is that, Woodwright?
James: I know we are militaristic and need to instil discipline, but we don’t need to do that all the time.
  Alistair regards James and they walk back to The Warren, Alistair is allowed his weapons back and they part ways. James makes his way to the infirmary, to see Kajetan.   Once he gets there stretch is still there and is relieved to see James.   James: Any news, apart from he got hit in the head with a mace handle?
Infirmary Attenadent: No he is unconsucus.
  James taps stretch on the shoulder and make a “we should go” gesture with his head, stretch gets up from where he was and James regards Kajetan, What have I done, Kajetan James thinks before leaving with Stretch.   Upon arriving at Sable office and quarters, James informs her that Kajetan is in the infirmary and she should see him tomorrow. Sable nods her approval and James is dismissed by her for the day.  

December 14 2025 - Day 1871

James comes to his desk to sit down at the Owsla desk and regards Sable.   Sable spots James gaze.   Sable: What is it Captain?
James: Have you thought about when you want to go down to the infirmary to visit Kajetan?
Sable: No but I will have you escort me when I decide to do.
  James nods and gets back to his trade documentation regarding steel and wood imports.   Sometime later and after some breakfast, James is allowed by Sable to finish the documentation he is on so that he can escort her downstairs before doing so he knocks on the doors of Stretch and Kitoypoy.   At the infirmary.   Sable: Any news on Kajetan.
Infirmary Attendant: No he hasn’t moved since we have put him there. We are moving him so he doesn’t get sores but that is about it.
  Sable sits sadly by the unconscious body of Owsla Kajetan, holding his head at his bedside.   Sable: I hope he pulls through.   For a long moment, nothing is said.   James: [gravely]This leaves a gap in your defenses, requesting permission to recruit someone in the place of Kajetan.
  Sable nods and regards James.   Sable: You’re right, James. Permission granted.
Sable: [falters]I’m …. Just going to stay here a while longer, okay?
  James turns to his house leader and kneels down, regarding Sable.   James: Of course House leader.
  James offers the Lapin for life, salute. Getting up he starts to get the attention of Stretch and Kitoypoy.   James: Protect Sable.
  They both nod.   Walking back to the lobby of The Warren, James rings the announcement bell himself.   James: [shouting]House Lapin, Kajetan is out of the fight! Who will stand bravely in the Owsla for our, House Leader?
  A quiet voice echos through the lobby. Gwenefre: I will.
  Gwen offers the Lapin for life salute. Sable stands and hears that someone has replied. Returning to the lobby. Sable takes Gwen’s hands.   Sable: Thank you, Gwen. I’m honoured by your service and sacrifice. Welcome to the Owsla.
  Sable pulls Gwen into a warm embrace with a sad smile.  

Dec 15 2025 - Day 1872

James regards Gwen and informs her that the spots that were Kajethan’s are now hers on the rotor. James holds back tears as he wipes Kajetans name off the board.   Looking over to Sable and sees a large sheet of parchment. From the other side James reads the mirror writing and sees that it is a peace treaty between The great houses, Lapin and someone else James could not tell who the other party was.   Later that night when James is in bed. He finds himself on Kelowna’s streets and sees that he is fighting the undead with Kajetan. They both fight the undead and find themselves attacking the undead with their swords fighting back to back; he feels the weight of Kajetan on his back as they fight. Much later on he feels the weight full and looks to see a fallen Kajetan not unconscious but dead.   He finds himself with a blade through his chest and dies himself. Next he sees that he is back in the beginning of the fight. This time we are not going to fight back to back, James thinks.   The dream continues and they fight the undead this time, James uses himself as a human shield for Kajetan, once they reach the undead they separate into two and attack the undead. A distinctive sword of steel slides along the floor and James sees that, again Kajetan is dead. He is swiftly dealt with in his looking of the sword.   The loop starts again this time, James allows Kajetan ahead of him and will attack when necessary to protect Kajetan. This time it seems to be working up when Kajetan can’t keep pace, James steps in to kill more of the undead. James returns to Kajetan’s side and fight the undead, this time, Kajetan is hit in the head with an axe and James wakes up.  

Dec 16 2025 - Day 1873

James wakes, in his human form’s bed and to see a puddle of sweat in human shape. James strips himself and his bed clothes before taking a shower returning to his quarters he changes into a clean set of uniform. He carries the sweat covered linens into the corridor and leaves them outside his quarters by the door.   He goes into Sable’s quarters to start his day’s work but all he does is pull out his chair. He then turns into a tiger and goes over to Sable and looks sad.   Sable: What’s the matter, my captain of the Owsla?
Tiger-James: I had a nightmare in my human form about Kajetan and thought I would talk with you instead of what I did in House Mollusca, in the first word war.   James tells the story of his nightmare.   Sable: What I hear from stretch, you couldn't have done anything more for him.
  James as a tiger nods and goes to the Owsla desk.   Sable: Tell me if you get nightmares again.
  James turns into human form and agrees.  

Jan 15 2026 - Day 1903

James awakes to hear the announcement bell. James gets up and turns into human form. He puts on a fresh uniform and informs Sable that he will find out what the announcement is.   Closing the door to her quarters. James turns back into a tiger and walks to the lobby when he gets to the of the stairs he roars and continues down the stairs, when he reaches the bottom he turns into human form.   James: Your news?
Announcer: House Meles falls, both leaders head to Mollusca. Minor house Incendium returns to Lapin.
Elikwake: Of course, I have.
  James goes over the Elikwake and shows his pin on his jumper.   Elikwake: I see that James. What do you want from me?
James: Well, since your return to The Warren, Sable will more than likely want to talk to you.
  Elikwake nods   Elikwake: Lead the way, captain
  James leads Elikwake to Sable’s quarters and relieves himself to be replaced with Kitoypoy at the Owsla desk.  

Jun 20 2026 - Day 2059

James wakes up to hear the announcement bell, as usual, he informs Sable that he will go down and see what the news is.   Coming down the stairs, James in his tiger form roars and turns into human form.   Announcer: House Chiroptera has fallen, House Leader bends the knee to Lapin and so does the Leader of House Meles. Both Kitsune and The Dinos bend the knee to Lapin.
  James seems pleased to hear that Nikolaos of House Meles is coming to Lapin. It was good to see another house leader he hadn’t previously met and hadn’t historically been enemies for some time.   James goes upstairs in tiger form to see Sable.   James: House Leader, House Chiroptera, has fallen.
Sable: Very good James.
  Sable gets up from her desk holding paperwork and looks at James.   Sable: If you’d like to come with me.
  James nods and Sable goes over to her sleeping arrangements through an arch and collects a mace.   Sable: [Regarding her mace]Here we go fluffy.
James: [curious]Who’s fluffy?
  Sable smiles and moves her mace to be over her chest.   Sable: [interested]Fluffy is my mace, James.You should feel honoured only my most trusted members know the name of my mace.
  James nods and smiles. Sable: So, Captain if you like to follow me.
  James nods and allows Sable to pass him and follows her out of the door they go right and past the Owsla quarters. Once at the door to the wardroom, James is allowed into the room and is invited to take a seat.   James takes a seat right off the throne, of course, Sable takes a seat on the throne.   Sable: As I’m sure you’re aware, House Lapin and the Chiropterians have an alliance.
  James nods and holds his lower left arm with his right hand.   Sable: Siobhan, the leader, has survived, we are to host her here in The Warren.
James: Understandable, like what we did with House Mollusca when House Lapin, fell.
  Sable nods.   Sable: Keep your ears to the ground we need to make sure that Siobhan arrives to The Warren.
  James nods again recognising the order.
  Sable: How’s the trade of wood and steel, Captain?
James: [surprised]The importation of wood and steel into Kelowna is going as expected.
James: Blacksmiths have more to work with and weapons are being created in expectation of conflict coming here.
  Sable looks down and towards fluffy on the table.   Sable: As to be expected, James.
Sable makes a light smile. Sable, everything is going to be ok, I know you’re thinking of the final battle. James thinks to himself.   Sable looks to James in a facial gesture of go on.   James: [defensive]Oh.
James: Since Siobhan is coming from north of Prince George. I will instruct there to be more guards on either end of the bridge and on its centre. As well as a reasonable route from there to here they can follow.
Sable: You mean to have guards posted along the road, that’s going to be a lot of people, James?
James: No not at all just as a way to inform them of the route, at an intersection I put guards on the choice they should make as they pass they join, Siobhan and her bodyguards.
Sable: I like the idea but it needs some changes.
  James and Sable discuss further better ways to achieve their goal. once they agree, a few moments afterwards Gwen comes through the door to the wardroom.   Gwen: Someone is in the lobby, Mother of bunnies. I think it will require your attention as well as needing the Captain with you.
Sable: Thanks, Gwen.
Sable: [Commanding]Captain with me.
James: [Enthusiastic]Yes Sable.
  James follows Sable out the door with Gwen trailing behind them. As they go past the Owsla Quarters Gwen opens the door to her quarters.   Sable and James get to the lobby to see two gentlemen, one who is taller than the other. The taller is wearing a cloak of black with white streaks, the other is wearing a cloak of red and has longer hair than the other which is an orangy brown. Sable shakes the hands of the pair.   Sable: Hello, Nik and Realm. Good to see you.
Nik and Realm:Good to see you too Sable.
  James bows slightly in regards to Nik and Realm.   Nik: Hello the Captain of the Owsla.
James: James will do Leader of Meles.
  James shakes hands with Nik and Realm.  

Jun 26 2026 - Day 2065

James is sitting at the Owsla’s desk finishing a can of lychee, a Sargent comes in.   Sargent: Captain and Sable, we have some important arrivals in the lobby.
  James nods to the Sargent and gets up to leave.   James: I think it about time we make an impactful entrance.
  James winks.   Sable: What did you have in mind?
James: That I turn into my Tiger form and you ride me to the lobby?
  Sable smiles and agrees and suggests that as soon as they arrive that she will get off and, he will change back into human form. Both agree.   James turns into a tiger and lowers down so that Sable can sit on his back.   Tiger-James: You might want to wrap your arms around my neck I’m not a horse.
  Sable laughs but complies. When James is happy that Sable will not fall off, James walks off to the Lobby.   While on the way there.   Sable: [Jokingly]Is there a way I can steer this tiger!
James laughs. Tiger-James: [Jovial]Well you can always get a harness made, Sable.
Sable: I could never do that to you.
Tiger-James: I enjoy my tiger form more than my human existence. I don’t mind being a work animal for you if it makes you happy and helps House Lapin.
Tiger-James: [Serious]Can you imagine how fearsome we would look in battle if you were riding a tiger into battle?
  Sable laughs.   Sable: That’s certainly true. James, I will think on it. I just don’t want you to think that I’m degrading you.
Tiger-James: Sable you won’t, I prefer my tiger form and besides I just volunteered you not forcing me to. Think on it.
  Reaching the Lobby, James comes downstairs and lowers so Sable can get down from James’ back.   Siobhan: What do we have here, a tame tiger, has house Lapin been taming tigers to be mounts?
Tiger-James:Not exactly ….
  James turns into human form.   James: I’m the Captain of the Owsla. Good to meet you.
  Siobhan and their bodyguard bid the same to James.  

Nov 25 2026 - Day 2217

James is sitting on the stairs near the top. Slummed over resting his head on the wooden railings of the staircase. He and many others wake up when the doors to The Warren are thumped on from the other side.   James: ugh.
  James rubs his eyes.   James: Well clearly, it’s not the undead because we would have been attacked.
James: [Serious shouting]Those who are armed with me, those who are defenceless go for cover.
  James claps and there is some moving around of people as those who are unarmed leave or at least attempt to.   James: Weapons ready, open the doors.
  Two recruits lift a thick plank of wood and open the doors.   On the other side are three molluscans.   Molluscan 1: [sarcastic]Thanks, for opening the doors. Just to let you know that House Mollusca has fallen and that, The Great Kraken, Coffeequills will bend the knee to House Lapin for the final battle and will be arriving after we do.
  James walks down from where he was and gets through the crowd of people to get the three molluscans. Once there he shows his rank insignia.   James pulls his dagger and orders the two of the molluscans to be restrained apart from the one who spoke previously. James grabs the unrestrained molluscan and pushes them to the wall.   James: [confrontational]We had an alliance back then. We don’t now, your house leader wants to come to lapin because it’s the most strategic thing to do. We are allowing your house in for the same reason, this is a neutral alliance. Do I make myself clear?
  The molluscan nods and James goes over to the other two Molluscans.   James: Do I make myself clear?
  The other Molluscans nod and are released. James sheaves his dagger.   James: When should we expect CoffeeQuills?
Molluscan 2: Tomorrow.
James: Please inform her that I will want to speak with her tomorrow.
  The Three Molluscans nod.   James walks to the centre of the lobby and shouts   James: Give these three accommodations as their house did with me, it’s at least what I can make sure happens.

Nov 26 2026 - Day 2218

James is at the Owsla desk when someone comes in.   CoffeeQuills: I heard that the Captain of the Owsla, has hurt my members.
James: I have also heard that we had an alliance with the molluscans until recently.
James: [serious]We are in neutral alliance with the molluscans because we are under threat from the undead horde.
CoffeeQuills: I don’t see why you can’t let us in without issue.
  James gets up and thumps both hands on this desk.   James: [shouting]My job as Captain of the Owsla is to protect Sable and be in charge of the military and trade of Lapin’s territory. If you’re going to play games with our alliance of course I’m not going to be civil.
James: Wait here please.
  James goes to the door opens it and peers around the doorway.   James: [shouting]Gwen and Kitoypoy, please come to Sable’s quarter’s, please.
  Seeing flashes of pink James reenters the room awaiting Gwen and Kitoypoy.   James: You are to protect Sable, I am going to fetch something from my quarters for CoffeeQuills to inspect.
  James leaves for his quarters and returns with a distinctive dark purple polo shirt and hands it to Coffee Quills.   James: What is this CoffeeQuills?
CoffeeQuills: It’s a molluscan shirt from the previous word war.
James: Apart from house Mollusca has changed their uniform, who does that shirt belong to?
  CoffeeQuills moves the shirt over her hands to inspect it further and comes to a slice in the back of the shirt.
  CoffeeQuills: It’s yours, why did you keep it?
James: Because I want to remember what I did for your house, like protecting the docks. And protect you and Sable
CoffeeQuills: Still doesn’t explain why you grabbed one of my members.
James: [exacerbated]I believe I have already explained why I did that. You might want to explain what you said about Sable, Coffee.
CoffeeQuills: What?
  James takes the shirt from CoffeeQuills, and throws it to the floor and holds his hands in air quotes.   James: Well, until you’re ready to tell me about it, you can sit in your hole and rot.
  James lets his hands fall to his sides.   James: [Stern]You may leave.
  CoffeeQuills take their leave the room, with Kitoypoy and Gwen still in the room. Sable gets up from her desk and dismisses them. Sable makes the indication that she wants James to sit at the desk and he obeys. Coming to the desk, Sable smiles.   Sable: What was that about James?
James: I take your safety seriously, Sable, this is why I’m here.
Sable: I appreciate you take, my safety so seriously and that devotion is why you are the Captain of the Owsla.
  James nods in recognition of the achievement of his high ranking role.   Sable: [stern]But in this time we need all the allies we can get against the undead. Aggravating would be allies is not what is best here. Sable: [relaxed]We need to extend a paw of friendship towards the tentacles. I don’t blame Coffee for seeing it the way they do. I might think the same in their position.
  James looks stunned by this and nods remorsefully.   Sable: [serious]The fact they are here and willing to put that aside, in order to work with us is a gesture of trust and we must respond with a bigger gesture of trust.
Sable: They extended a hand to us when we needed it, as you said.
  James thought about answering back but thought against it thinking of his father when he did the same and it didn’t end well. James instead nods and remorsefully.   Sable knocks on the table at a stack of documents to be done with two fingers and James nods.   Working on the documentation, he works up his rota slot has ended. A half an hour later, DMStretch enters and swops his place with James. James goes to pick up the Molluscan polo shirt, before he gets to the door, James stops.  
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The rest of this day contains Child Abuse; Physical and Emotional Abuse.

If this is not for you scroll to the next day (Apr 13 2027 - Day 2356).

  James: If anyone wants me I will be in West Kelowna.
Sable: [concerned]James!
James: Sable I need to do this. I’m not leaving Lapin, there are no houses left after all.
  James offers the Lapin for Life salute and leaves through the door, his heart still pounding   Leaving The Warren with the guards saluting him and saying “Captain” he smiles at this. James walks across the bridge and past his former home. He goes through an arch and turns left to a house that would be fit for three and is larger than his own home.   Crossing the street to be opposite the house James leans up against a wall and makes his mind go back into the past.   He sees himself younger living in the home and sitting at a table with a man and a woman, eating what could be called a ploughman’s dinner. James’ younger self eats, concentrating on what he has on his plate, and doesn’t start a conversation. It isn’t until he has nearly finished his wedge of cheese that his father starts to talk.   Father: So what does my son want to do when he is older?
  James’ younger self appears to shake a bit and James knows he is having cold sweats. Present James feels his skin cool down in the winter chill. His heart still pounds.   Father: Do you want to be a cheesemaker like your father?
  James puts the cheese down and takes a breath, clearly uncomfortable. Past James coughs a bit and starts talking, either uncertain or unsure of himself.   Young-James: I don’t want to be a cheesemaker. I want to be a smith.
  James’s father puts his bread down.   Father: [exacerbated]Not this again!
Father: How many times do I have to tell you, you aren't going to be a smith?
Father: [serious]So what do you want to be when you are older?
Young-James: I want to be a smith.
  James’ father gets up from his chair. The chair falls backwards and makes a thump on the floor. Past James jumps at the sound of this. His Father goes over to James. James’s younger self cowers in fear with his eyes shut.   Upon his father reaching him, James gets slapped multiple times across the face to the point his cheek will be bruised if not swollen.   Father: [shouting]What do you want to be when you’re older?
  Younger James repeats his answer again.   Father: [Furious]You will not be a smith.
  James’ father punches James in the upper chest and Past James is winded. Present James rubs his chest as if he is also hurt.   Father: [Furious]Unless you want a belting, you are going to give me the answer I want or you are going up to your room.
  James leaves the table and goes upstairs to his room. The door closes with a creak. Young James lies on his hard single bed, in the foetal position and cries. Present-James, imagines himself there at his younger side and stroking his hair and trying to comfort him but he knows that he will not be comforted by his parents and he is left there all night until the morning. A tear starts to form in Present James’ eye but he blinks to make it stop.   His mind goes forward in time and he is a teenager with a bit of a beard. He is with his mother as she sits in a chair by her husband, who is in bed, clearly ill. His father coughs and splutters and his mother gets up to check him, but James holds her back.   He instead checks his father’s vitals and breathing and finds that his illness has taken him. Feeling nothing from the man, he shakes his head at his mother and she cries. Both versions of James smile. His teenage self puts on a brown leather Jacket and leaves the house and runs further down the road, to the first smith he can find, which is of course a Redsmith.   James follows his younger self to where the Redsmith’s would be, playing each day in fast forward; learning his first hammer strikes, learning to fuse copper correctly. Present James could see his skill improved as time went on. Present James’ heart slows in the pleasure of him learning his craft.   James slows the fast-forwarding to a particular day when he got one of his pay invoices and a bag of coins. The pouch is slapped into his palms. His past self looks at the pouch of mostly copper pieces and his pay invoice, and nods in disappointment. He shrugs. Present-James nods and smiles.   Time goes in fast forward once again. As those who work around him get better-looking clothes James doesn’t–he is saving his pay. As time slows again to a particular day, Past-James’s manager asks to see him in their office. Past James nods. Almost knowing what the news is, he leaves his tools behind and follows his manager. He comes back a few moments later. with a pouch of coins. Opening the pouch, he looks at the assortment of metals, seeing less copper but more silver. James rummages through the pile of coins to find a gold coin. He has been promoted. He turns the gold coin in his fingers and smiles, and looks intently at the markings of the coin.   He rubs the side of his hand on the wooden planked table of pine and collects the coins. A few more winters pass. James looks at his pay invoice, and it is clear he has done some budgeting to be able to afford something. Knowing this, present James smiles for his past-self achievement.   Present-James goes the way he came back to his home before enlisting. Reaching there, he rests on his right shoulder he plays the memory and sees his younger self now in his 20’s looking at a poster on a post. To the home. Present James knowing what will happen.   Past-James: [reading out loud]To whom it may interest, this home and below gardens are for sale, the occupants have recently departed and do not require this accommodation. Purchasers will require [Past-James trails off].   Present-James can see that his younger self is pleased. Both versions of James seem happy for themselves. Present James goes forward in time and see’s that he has got the key to his new home. Time moves forward again and he has planning permission to turn the below gardens, into a workshop. He fast forwards to memory in particular in which he is walking past The Warren and sees a challenge by Sable. Past James seems to be intrigued.  
Your challenge if you choose to accept, make me something to impress me, that is made from or by your craft. Entrants need to apply within. Sable Aradia Leader of House Lapin.
  Past-James of course applies. Present-James goes to another memory when a Member of House Lapin, comes by to his Redsmithy. Past-James tries to swipe a look at the rank insignia. The member of House of Lapin holding a clipboard, twists so that Past-James can see his patch, two arrows pointing up, a corporal. A corporal was judging and not Sable. Which appears to surprise Past-James.   Present James: [Encouraging]You can do it James.
  Past-James allows the corporal in. on an ordinary table with a chunk of wood, keeping the table stable. Stands a wide copper thread. James hands the corporal a thick ring that can fit on top of the thread and invites the Corporal to place the ring on top.   As the ring descends to the bottom it picks up speed. Once the ring gets to the bottom of the thread a copper rabbit comes out the top, surprising the corporal. James reset the mechanism by pushing the rabbit down and taking the ring from the bottom.   He offers the ring again and the same happens, showing that it is repeatable. The Corporal nods, takes notes, nods again and walks off.   Another memory forward to his is chosen a private comes to the Redsmithy this time not commissioning anything but looks to Past-James and hands him a sealed letter. Present James nods glumly. With the private is also a bag of coins assuming that it is a detailed drawing he needs to follow for one of the Private’s superiors. Past-James nods and the private leaves he opens the letter eagerly expecting a new copper item to be made, instead, past-James heart sinks.  
Dear James Woodwright, Last remaining Redsmith, in Kelowna,   Thank you for entering the challenge, we regret to inform you that you did not make first place but made second. Please accept the prize of 500 Silver pieces.
  James pockets the money and gets a new table and other items of furniture made, going to the carpenter he finds that he has won first prize. James knows this from the frame on the wall of an official document from Sable saying that she has approved of their items and that they will be producing items for House Lapin.   Saddened by this James spends his winnings on commissioning new furniture.   The next memory James hears someone comes in and this time he downs tools and his employees don’t. A member of House Lapin come to him with a scroll case expecting a member commission. He looks grim and opens the case to see an official document detailing the same as the carpenters.   Past-James: [Pleased but Professional]What would House Lapin like me to make?
  The member of House Lapin brings up a sack of items. A candlestick holder, a tumbler and many other things.   Lapin Member: 10 of everything here. Sable wants 30 of each but we will do it in batches.
  Past-James nods and draws up a commission receipt and how much it will cost. The Lapin Member nods and leaves. Past-James beckons one of his employees over and to get a frame made from the carpenter that is the same size as his official document.   Later, the frame comes and the official document is hung.   Present-James shakes himself back to the present, goes into his home and unlocks the door, opening the door he reaches for a now broken frame with its glass shattered and covered in dust James brushes a hand over the frame gentle as to not cut himself, takes it inside with him and goes upstairs to his bedroom.   He moves the desk out of the way and places the chair to be at the window so he can sit down and look out of the window out to the view of Lake Okanagan.   Sitting there with the shattered frame on his lap. He doesn’t know someone has come up the stairs.   Sable: James, you don’t have to leave, House Lapin, because of an argument.
  James gets up and hands the frame to Sable.   James: House Lapin, is the only house that still exists. I can’t desert you and it wouldn’t be right for me to leave Lapin because of that. There are reasons why I would, that argument is not one of them.
Sable: You miss being a Redsmith don’t you?
  Sable looks down to the frame.   James: Sometimes, but there’s more to military life than me not being a Redsmith its the structure to one’s life.
  James takes back the frame.   Sable: I’m pleased to hear that you’re not leaving my service, James.
James: I wouldn’t be anyway.
Sable: I will see you back in The Warren then?
James: You will indeed Sable!
  Sable departs and this time James can hear the door to his home closing. Following the way he came, he locks the door to his home and goes back. Strips in his bedroom, gets a steel tub and runs himself a bath.   After which he redresses and leaves his home again locks the door and heads back to The Warren, reaching the doors the guards salute and say “Captain”. Going back to the fourth floor and into his quarters to sleep.  

Apr 13 2027 - Day 2356

James wakes up to a knock at his door, James as a tiger gets out of his basket sits on the rug and swishes his tail.   Tiger-James: Come in, I’m in tiger form.
Sable: Good Morning, James, do you mind staying in your tiger form. I have a surprise for you.
  James nods and says he will follow Sable out the door and into her quarters stands a man with tools on his belt holding a tailor's measuring tape.   Sable: Here is the tiger, I would like to measure for the commission I was talking about earlier.
Leatherworker: Very good if the tiger could lower down so I can measure him?
  James lowers down obediently. The leatherworker measures the circumference and length of the chest as well as the back. The leatherworker measures James’ snout and Sable makes the suggestion that she wants the tiger to be able to open its mouth to bite etc. The leatherwork nods back and a spot of realisation strikes him.   Leatherworker: Come to think of it where is your Captain of the Owlsa?
  James in tiger form shakes his head as to have the measuring tape not be around his snout and is successful in such.   Tiger-James: You have been measuring him.
  Surprised, the leatherworker continues with his measuring what he needs to know. sometime later the leatherworker says that he has finished his measuring and should expect his work in about a week. Both agree and nod as the leatherworker is led out of the building, James in his tiger form smiles. Sable smiles back and James turns back into human form and finishes the work of the previous day.  

Apr 21 2027 - Day 2364

While James is working at his desk, James gets a knock at his door. He replies that they can come in. With the door opening, it is Sable holding a saddle. James’ eyes brighten. James is invited by Sable to turn into a tiger to try it on. James eagerly does and lowers down so that Sable can put it’s on him tightening the straps it works well on James.   James lowers down further and moves his head back indicating he wants Sable to get into the Saddle.   Sable: I haven’t tightened the muzzle too much have I?
Tiger-James: You haven’t it just seemed easier to move my head than speak to you.
  Sable nods and sits in the Saddle and taking the reins James can feel Sable move his head in the direction she wants to go and he moves in that direction. Getting practice, James takes Sable to her office and quarters.   Tiger-James: I have a surprise for you too, Sable!
Sable: What a delight!
  Sable gets off the saddle and lets go of the reins and James turns into human form and back again into a tiger to see if the saddle remains there, which it does.   James returns back to human form and goes to his quarters and returns with a much more tarnished copper item. The item he entered in the contest. James gives Sable the ring to put on to the top as before when it reaches the bottom the rabbit comes out.   Sable squeals in delight.   Sable: James, its wonderful!
  James smiles and almost laughs.   James: [laughing]What did the Carpenter make that was more impressive? All those years ago?
  James burst out laughing realising how daft the question is.   Sable: Well, if you come this way.
  Sable leads the way to an ornate large double bed.   James: Ah I see.
  James smiles   Sable: After seeing that I had to get a desk and other furniture made in the same style.
  James nods appreciation for what the carpenter did, releasing that sadness was not right, admiration, perhaps.  

Apr 27 2027 - Day 2370

James is at the Owsla Desk, doing documentation on trade and military matters. There is seems to be more paperwork than normal.   Sable gets up from her desk and walks over to James.   Sable: James, it’s lunchtime its time for the parade.
  James looks up and nods to Sable and then looks at her to talk, putting his pen down.   James: Are we on for my plan?
Sable: What would that be, James
James: That you ride on my back with the muzzle tight around my tiger snout. We do the route we planned and when we arrive back to The Warren, you loosen my muzzle enough that I can roar in glory.
Sable: That's a good plan, I like it.
James: If I could make another request, Sable?
Sable: Yes James?
James: Could you tighten the muzzle tight enough that I can’t talk let alone roar. I want to do this because I want people to think what Siobhan and Barbarossa, thought that I am a tame tiger fierce for the fight.
Sable: [enthusiastic]That sounds like a plan.
  Both nod, Sable looks outside and see that it is time. James goes to his other members of the Owsla to inform them of this.   James turns into a tiger still wearing his saddle and reins. James lowers down so Sable can adjust his saddle and attachments. She tightens the muzzle as far as it will go without James whimpering in pain and sits in the saddle holding the reins. She guides James out of the door.   Reaching the front of The Warren, they stand in front with Sable and the Owsla in front they march in a circuit with their weapons drawn. When they get past the Blacksmith the members of each house who have come together as one, start singing. Inserting lyrics where they need to for the Lapin members they keep “Lapin in life and Lapin in death” while the other defective houses change the line.   When they reach the other side of the bridge and reach the starting point Sable leans forward to loosen James’ muzzle. Doing so Sable holds her reins tightly.   Sable: [commanding shout]Weapons to the sky.
  James recognising his cue lifts off on his front paws and roars …..   Tiger-James: [shouts]Lapin for Life and Sable for Success.

Apr 30 2027 - Day 2373

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Battle of the Warren
Military Conflict | Oct 25, 2022


Having won the second-word war, James, the others of the living and those who chose to come back to life set up a celebration in a large hall. James left Sable while she and the other house leaders talked for what felt like many hours. He met her again when they were finally done   James: At least it was Lapin who were victorious this time.
  Sable is about to reply when someone behind James, mouths to Sable. All James can see is a half of a conversation. At one point James can see Sable says, “Yes I’m part of Lapin!”. When this leaves her lips, James sees Sable point to herself and then an oh of realisation hits her face as Sable claps James on the shoulder and points to someone else to go and talk to.     James walks over to someone with a black cloak when getting close to them, he realises it is Nik, the Leader of House Meles. They shake hands. Nik hands him a sealed message. James looks to whom it is addressed to seeing that it is addressed to “Cpt of the Owsla - James Woodwright, House Lapin, Canada”. He looks at the other side and looks at the seal of mint green with the sigil of a badgers face.   It must have the authority of House Meles James thinks to himself.   Nikoloas: You may open the message in front of me.
  James nods and carefully breaks the seal and reads the message. When he finishes he looks to Nik and goes into the attention position.   James: [respectful]Will do Sir!
  Nik nods back. James whispers into Niks ear and again Nik Nods to this.   James secretly returns to Sable.   Sable: Well?
James: I need to discuss something with you, house leader.
  James secertly shows the closed message to Sable and she nods.   Sable: We will discuss it when we are back in The Warren.
The Game of Tomes Theme Plays
As the screen darkens to black the screen shows the text “We will return for The Victoria Den  Before the screen shows the extensive cast list etc an aerial shot is shown of the British Columbian Legislative Building with more flags being flown than would be expected.   The Screen now fades to black to show the cast list.
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