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Gobble is the megacorporation responsible for an extremely popular internet search engine among both Literomancers and non-Literomancers. The search engine is also named Gobble. Branches of the search engine include, but are not limited to: a satellite mapping software "Gobble Maps", an image search engine "Gobble Images", a cloud storage system "Gobble Drive", and a text editor "Gobble Docs".   Although Gobble is not known to be the most secure search engine — or even a secure search engine in general — it has dominated the internet scene since its inception in 1998 to the point where "Gobbling" is now synonymous to "searching the internet".   Gobble is currently based in the Sauropoda Protectorate. Their headquarters was formerly based in Silicon Valley, a portion of the Lapin Protectorate, but has relocated to the city of Newark as of August 2022.   Gobble has recieved much criticism for privacy concerns in recent years. The corporation has been brought to court over the mishandling or unlawful collection of users' private data, although the suit has not progressed due to the Third Word War.
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Gobble LLC

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character flag image: Gobble by moonflower with Canva


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