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Game of Tomes Lore - Timings Explanation For Stories

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  I knew Twitch wouldn’t allow me to explain as I only have 500 Characters so I wrote this to explain my position and to explain to future players of Game of Tomes why I am doing it, this way.

  The spoils Season 1: James' Story and may spoil Peacetime: 1. If you haven't already please read those and come back.

Again I don’t own the Game of Tomes


Game Of Tomes - Twitch Clip - Lore Solution (Not Happening) 2021-04-08
A clip I made and downloaded and reuploaded to youtube. Original Streamer, Sable Aradia


The Iron Tome will be overpowered

In the story, the Iron tome has the following powers if touched by one or more of the Heads of the Houses of the living, these are;   It Restores People (Sort Of) - Within the last Chapter of Season 1: James' Story we see that Dazzlikat is restored. Later on from an unnamed Lapin Member we learn that he chose to come back. As he puts it;
  We were given the choice to return back to the living or to die, I, of course, chose to live for the betterment of House Lapin.
A player in 2020 decided this was not the case for them and that is the reason why I put in the story. And I thought it wasn’t too powerful.   It Heals People (With Rules) - Again within the last chapter of Season 1: James' Story we see that Dazzlikat has come behind me and use their sword and cut my Molluscan uniform and injured me. Before I could attack her, the book was touched by Sable Aradia and Coffee Quills and healed my wound. The rule is it heals bodily harm from the undead, not other items, my Molluscan shirt was still cut.   It Makes The Original Undead Retreat - Ok in the story I said they found the player’s body but couldn’t move it in the story but if you’re the original undead you are in fear and run.   If it were to make two and a half years compress to a month it would make it too overpowered, or at least I feel it would.  

The Issue

Dazzlikat’s solution to the timings would be that the tome compresses time into a month. The problems I see with that are;   In Real Life Stuff (1/2) - I have already written GoT Season 1 in Jan 2021 and started editing in Feb 2021. I started writing Peacetime 1 in March of the same year. I didn’t want to go through reams of text and change the dates to be in line with that.   In Real Life Stuff (2/2) - While I am still a writer (as a hobby) I think I don’t have the skill to pull that off.   The Perception Of Time - ok so now if this to occur in the story would something like the engraving of The Brass Gear, go faster than I thought it was or less time or what?   Food, Drink And Other Stuff - Ok the 2 and a half years have passed and have been compressed to be only a month. The problem, I ate, drank and slept during that time. If it’s compressed am I now obese and if not are you saying the book did it, as that would make the book far too powerful again (in my opinion).   If your solution is I didn’t eat in the compressed time where is all the food and drink I never consumed. Again I feel it would be too powerful and I couldn’t pull it off.


I have got my own time system sorted out so it works. It still works as 1 day in our world is 1 month is theirs. But with some differences.   The timings are as follows  
  1. Game of Tomes - Uses the time rule as above. And runs from November, of the next year the previous one ended. It follows the time rule as a war would never just last a month. Also, each house that falls has a date rule the month can change but the day of the month cannot. So in our world House Lapin, fell on the 25 November 2020, in story universe it fell on 25 November 2022 (it just so happens the months match up lol) For more clarity see table below quote.
  2. Both Tourney of Tales - They exist in their own month with the months matching and would not follow the rule above. The Day of the month and month will match. On the 8th April was the first Meeting of who is winning, it will be the same in the story, just a different day.
  The table below is a date converter for Season 2's GoT The Year can be disregarded for referencing. Red Cells are the days a house fall.   Image coming soon  
  Example -
Game of Tomes, Season 1, ended in 2023.
The First ToT will be April 2024.
The Second ToT will then be July 2024.
Therefore November 2024 is Season 2 of GoT

Why This Way?

If I use the “1 day in ours is a month theirs” rule for everything the next time Game of Tomes Season 2 occurs, my in-story character will be 59 hence me not following it completely.   No, my character is not going to be a father and have a son to carry on his legacy.
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