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Bunny VS. Bat

"Bunny Vs. Bat"
Original Song : "Confrontation" From Les Miserables.
Filk by Sable Aradia and Siobhan the Writer

  SABLE Siobhan, at last, we see each other plain
Oh Queen of Bats, I’m here to end your reign

Before you say another word, Sable
Before you paint me with this dark label
Listen to me!
There is something you must know

You found a Bat that summons zombies, you say
The house leaders all found similar things
In friendship’s name, you should think this through

It wasn’t me, I pledge my word
It wasn’t me—

You must think me mad
I know a snow job, don’t you doubt
No one else has had the chance
No one, except you

Believe of me
What you will
There is a duty that I'm sworn to do

You know nothing of my life
I did nothing, you must see

No one but you has had the chance
No one but you has had the chance
You were once my friend

You know nothing of the world
You would sooner see me dead
But not before I have cleared my name

My duty's to my house!
You had no right
Come with me now, oh Queen of Bats
Now the wheel has turned around
The Queen of Bats is nothing now

SIOBHAN I am warning you, Sable
I am stronger than you know
There is power in me yet
My race is not yet run!

Dare you speak to me of lies
Such a price we had to pay
I cannot forgive this sin
Everyone must choose their way

I am warning you, Sable
I am strong and I’m able
If I must die here and now
I'll do what must be done!

You know nothing of Sable-rah!
I was born inside a hole
With wits and tricks I made it through
I have fought the Thousand too

And this I swear to you tonight

There is no place for you to hide

I will somehow clear my name

Wherever you may hide away

And I will somehow make this right

I swear to you, I will be there
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Performed By
Sable Aradia
Siobhan the Writer
Voice Over by
James Woodwright
Video Creator
Sable Aradia
Game of Tomes 2021

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