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As I stand here on one of the island shores of Galmora, gazing up at the night sky, I am reminded of the awe-inspiring beauty of this world with its eight magnificent moons. Each one of them, a celestial jewel, casting their variously colored light upon our beautiful and resilient planet. But beneath this ethereal splendor lies a history shrouded in tragedy, a tale of a world forever changed by a cataclysmic event known as The Great Obliterate.   More than three thousand years have passed since that fateful day, a day etched into the collective memory of our people as a haunting specter. Galmora, once a thriving and prosperous realm, was thrust into chaos as the very earth beneath our feet trembled and roared with an unforgiving fury. The skies darkened, and the land quaked, as if the very soul of our world was wracked with anguish.   The Great Obliterate left a scar that stretches across the ages, a wound that has never truly healed. Our civilization was shattered, cities lay in ruins, and the once rich history erased from memories. The people of Galmora, resilient and determined, clung to life in the aftermath, forging new communities amidst the ruins and adapting to their new beginings.   As I look up at the eight moons that grace our night sky, I am reminded of the delicate balance that now defines our world. The moons, once a source of wonder and inspiration, now serve as a constant reminder of the fragile equilibrium we strive to maintain. Galmora, a world scarred by its past, continues to evolve, and its story unfolds in the shadows of The Great Obliterate, where hope and determination are our guiding stars amidst the darkness.

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