Religions of Galledall

Galledall is a very religious continent, with several different pantheons. While religion is everywhere, not everyone is devoted, but few could be considered against or hostile to it. Some nations have a devoted, official religion while others don't have specific ties to one pantheon.


Church of Man

Also known as the Cult of Man, or Cult of Mortals, this pantheon is only several hundred years old, being founded in the Almaridian Empire. It teaches that the gods of the old pantheons are dead or are no longer able to help us. They instead worship the twelve heroes of which the months are named after. Though they started out of small, they encouraged the population to revolt during the collapse of the Verdamidian Republic in the region of Durchen in exchange for becoming the official religion in the area. Now, they are the state religion for the entirety of the Almaridian Empire.


Dragon Cult

Brought over from Uth, this religion is almost exclusive to the dragonborn of the United Clans of Midiiz, with a multitude of draconic gods. While few of the gods are venerated elsewhere around Galledall, most locations have a shrine or temple to Bahamut.


Galledallian Pantheon

An ancient human pantheon that stretches back far before the Age of Mortals. The religion is full of myths and legends of the first gods of the pantheon, known as Transcendentals. Their children became the gods that are commonly worshiped, and even more angles and demigods that are also worshiped as personal gods, gods of specific cities or even certain families. So many deities exist in fact that many of the minor ones have been lost to time, or have been considered dead.



The official religion for many of the dwarves in the land, the Mordinsammen refers to the Dwarven Pantheon, with their chief god Moradin. While worshiped by dwarves around Galledall, it is the state religion of Khallador and the Federation of the Dwarven Lords.


Shroud Worship

A mysterious religion that many would say borders on cult. The Shrouds are the only entities that records mention from Prehistoria, making Shroud worship quite possibly the oldest religion. Most who embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the shrouds do so at the cost of their own sanity, but there are those who maintain small Shrines to certain Shrouds. None of the Shrouds are inherently good or evil, according to the doctrine. However, that does not keep many nations from outlawing their worship.



The official religion for many of the elves in the land, the Seldarine refers to the Elven Pantheon, with their chief god Correllon. While worshiped by elves around Galledall, it is the state religion of the New Elven Union and the Ancient Elven Dominion.


Wizgaran Pantheon

A pantheon that hails from the continent of Wizgar, that spread quickly during the Age of Mortals. While the most popular religion around the world, it is not quite as popular in Galledall. Still, many who don't seek to religiously devote themselves choose to venerate the gods of this pantheon, who are all equal in status and require little devotion to keep happy. It is the official religion for several nations in Galledall.


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