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Spooktober prompt - sharp

The sharp sound of a horn echoed on the city streets. Me and my brother quickly hid behind a corner to avoid the rush of people we heard coming. Should we follow? We'd arrived in the city yesterday, and it had seemed all peaceful, but now there were people rushing here and there, going indoors, closing doors, gates and windows. A shepherd herding the sheep faster than I had seen anyone herd sheep before. People on horses riding back and forth on the streets, looking suspiciosly around them. I did not know if they were soldiers or what, but I had a very clear instinct, that they should probably not see us. The axes and swords that they had on their belts looked sharp and very ready to use.   I pulled on my brother's cloak and we squatted behind a berry bush to avoid being seen. The people on horsebacks began to shout, everybody inside, everybody inside, all out from the streets, everybody inside. We didn't have an inside to go to, we had slept last night in a stable, without being seen, and we intended to continue to do so. I looked carefully between the leaves, and saw the riders walk further away. The street was now quite empty, apart from a few people still rushing towards their homes. We had to get out from the city, we would have to come back later. I grabbed my brother's hand, and we made a leap for it. We ran as fast as we could, towards the city's gate, which was probably getting closed. A few more corners, and we could see the gate. It was still open, but with guards patrolling it, walking back and forth with spears in their hands. We stopped and barely managed it without being noticed.   My brother poked me, and showed me a big tree. It's long branches stretched over the city wall, and it looked sturdy enough to carry the weight of a human. I helped my brother up, and then he helped me climb. I just about in time pulled my feet up into the leaves, as I heard someone shout. Then we heard running footsteps coming towards us. We didn't have much time, and I nugded my brother to go. He started slowly crawling along the big branch, and I slowly crawled after him. There was nothing we could do to avoid being seen, any moment we would be very visible. The footsteps had stopped under the tree, and I heard someone making effort trying to climb it. But we were now over the wall, there was a drop of a few meters, and we had escaped. I saw the city guard looking at us from the tree, and we set direction towards te forest. The guard did not come after us, but would probably remember how we looked, if we tried to enter the city again.   The forest was a lot darker than it looked like outside. We didn't intend to go far, and I'm sure we didn't, but suddenly it was very dark and trees all around us, and we had no idea where we came from. We walked around for a while, and I began to understand why the guards wouldn't follow us, when we were headed for the forest.


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