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The Script

The Sanctiscriptum, colloquially called "The Script" is a holy book detailing the creation of the world, mankind, our purpose as living beings, and The Venerated Velrie Almighty's expectations for how we properly conduct ourselves in this lifetime.   The original copy of The Script was written in Godspeech, a language known to Velrie and Angels. His nameless humble scribe first inscribed The Script in Godspeech on the southern face of the @[Auver] mountainside. The @[The Scriptwall] stone ediface still looms over the entrance to Golden City of Auver.   Members of The Cult of Velrie believe that the script much longer than is conventionally accepted. They believe the Script is continuously being written, even if not all of it has been transcribed to the @[Scriptwall]. Their cult believes that the Script contains the entire life of everyone who has ever lived and will ever live, however only [url=]the Creation, [url=]the Flood, and [url=]the Sacrifice are written on the Scriptwall.   Carvings of supposed Script prophecies can be found scattered all across Gale. These sites tend to become holy sites, locations for churches, or pilgrimage grottos, however few are ever officially recognized and accepted by @[The Pius].  


Table of Contents


[url=]The Creation

Genesis I: The World
Genesis II: Madame & Reeve

[url=]The Flood


[url=]The Sacrifice


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