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The planet receives it's warmth from twin stars the Holy Eternal Burning Brick (Dunya) and the Cold One (Kup). Gale's rectangular prism suns trail each other in a double helix over Gale across the sky, and has waves due to a celestial acorn that orbits the planet. There are 12 months in a year, 35 days in a month and 7 days in a week, so therefore there are 420 days in a year. With its elliptical orbit, there are four seasons in Gale, two Dorndas and two Noqdas. The calendar year begins with a Dornda, where Dorn is weary from chase and spends more time to catch his breath and Noq gains speed and runs much faster.   [Dopax] 1st Dornda: Davin, Andurin, Bendin [Nopax] 1st Noqda: Tonin, Marsin, Q'laudin [Dotoa] 2nd Dornda: Faisin, Lebin, Hulin, [Notoa] 2nd Noqda: Lorin, Pretin, Kayin   Weeks: Adna, Dva, Treta, Vorta, Pyata Days: Oncedie, Twicedie, Thricedie, Fortdie, Funfdie, First Hangover, Second Hangover   There are three oceans; the ice-cap covered Matoan in the north, and the tumultuous twin oceans the Crimler and Grimler in the south. Exposed to the acidic red dust from the continent of Petraima carried by the wind and currents, the west Grimler sea is known to have highly dangerous acidic tempests, especially in the summer months.   Northwest to the old desert and sediment of Petraima, the Dokka Archipelago are full of unexplored and very dangerous jungles, not a single expedition in history has ever come back to the mainland, and the devastated ruins on bordering continent coasts suggest that encountering the inhabitants of Dokka is not something you really want to do. Lastly, there are the continents Kopak and Karshen, with varied climates.   The Kopak north boasts green and calming meadows, fertile soil and perfect pastures in the region of Saadgarden. The Imperium Plains are blue skies and wide grassy steppes for as far as the eye can see. The cold south is a mountainous and unforgiving region called Kladni. A small natural neck connecting The Plains to Kladni is a barren craggy strip of land called Trallha, home to geysers and hot springs.



An Epic Bevy with the Boys

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

What do five drunken bastard friends do in a world filled with magic and intrigue? Short answer: Raise hell.

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