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Gaia is a semi magical planet that resides in the center of the multiverse and acts as a medium between the highly magical universe of Alfhiem and the non-magical Void.
Gaia was once a planet that did not possess much more magic than our Earth. But when the Great Happening occurred, magical chaos from Alfhiem flooded the world and brought with it a slew of fey species such as the pixies, gnomes, nymphs, and salamanda (elves). This sudden influx of magical energy caused rapid mutations to existing beasts creating supernatural monsters such as hydras, griffons, necrozoa, and other twisted monsters.
The planet is split into 2 hemispheres separated by a grand line of storms and massive sea beasts that make all naval and aerial travel between hemispheres nearly impossible. The eastern hemisphere contains the magical medieval-style continents of Enuin, Scylla, and the Vennafrey Isles. The western hemisphere contains the magically stifled industrialized continents of Geergan, Khanjiro, Amek-Bara, and Gruuban.

Currently, the Travenhall Saga I am writing is heavily based in Enuin and partially Scylla. Most articles written will be centered around those continents.