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500 years ago to date, the Earth saw an extreme change in leadership. We now live on a planet unrecognizable as the same Earth, among creatures and mysteries far beyond our previous comprehension. Gaia no longer takes on the shape of our Mother, but we know now she is in everything that breathes. We now live astride our Hydriast brothers and sisters; the Fae and Amnet; Halfliings, and countless others. The new Earth is ours to explore, as equals with all other life. Our purpose? We must explore the mysteries of the Earth and the Ethereal, revere the Dragons, and protect our natural home with all our magick and our lives.
- Kailtel, Newmoon Mystic Coalition  
Since the Dragonic Renaissance, the Earth has had an explosive rebirth. No longer is the air hazy with gas and smoke; no longer do machines scream and whir into the long nights. Rivers flow with revitalized strength. Forests have regrown, taking over the concrete jungles of the Dark Ages and providing a new ecosystem to multitudes of natural life.
Humans still remain. Complicated, problematic humans. It wasn't until their species had been pushed to the brink of extinction that Mother Nature took pity on them, and called off the kill order being carried out by Legion. There are strict terms to their existence on Earth now, however. Industrialization is forbidden. Mass settlements are not allowed, although with their reproduction rate severely slowed now, that is not an imminent concern. Lastly, humans are required to serve and protect the Earth, all natural life, and their Dragonic superiors.
Now, at the dawn of 500 years since rebirth, something abstract is amiss. The Amnet believe they've traced the imbalance back to the Ethereal plane. The Fae swear it's of the Earth. Humans and Nwyfyr are looking to Dragons for answers, and the Hydriast have no idea what's going on...
Everyone went about their own business until the changes became evident. Now with planar gates popping up and disappearing out of nowhere, a recently discovered village comprised entirely of Mystics, and something huge hunting down Dragons, no lifeform can ignore the unknown danger that's threatening Gaia. Coalitions are arising in every corner of the Earth, and tribes are merging, learning from each other. Groups of daring souls are slowly but surely venturing to find out--and fight--whatever is threatening their thin balance of power.