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From Shadow, Substance

In contrast to most other schools of magic, aim of Illusion isn’t to change reality but instead to alter one’s perception of it. Recently, however, a group of Illusionist’s, led by Aleron the Arcane started a new movement within the Illusionist circle, one we might call Illusion Realism.
  According to Aleron, illusions are not merely tricks of the mind, but rather manifestations of the Weave itself. By carefully manipulating the threads of magic that make up an illusion, one could coax it into becoming a physical reality. As any semi-competent wizard would recognize, this is one of the main tenants of transmutation magic, with the object of transmutation being the Weave itself. Therefore I would argue that while theoretically possible, Aleron’s ideas do not fall under the realm of Illusion magic and are not nearly as revolutionary as the Illusion Realists would have you believe.
  If anyone is still convinced by Illusion Realism, let me detail more practical problems with it. Firstly, one would need to delve heavily into both illusion and transmutation runework to stabilize the illusion and focus enough transmutation energy on it. Secondly, the wizard performing the ritual would have to be at least somewhat familiar with the real counterpart of the illusion. This would lead to heavily varying results and low chances of successful transmutation. With the added instability of the Weave, the transmutation would likely also not be permanent, fading with time and distance from the caster.

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