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Vicissitudes of Time: Video Primer

Hi, everybody!   This post is going to be in English only.   We've finished editing the first episode of our upcoming D&D show "Vicissitudes of Time" and we are ready to post it on YouTube. This show takes place entirely in this very world - Fringe Earth. The premiere will be on the Legendarium YouTube channel. Most of its content is in Russian, but the first episode will be with English subtitles I made myself.  

The premiere is this Saturday (February 13) in 9 AM PST / 6 PM World Anvil Time

  and you'll be able to see it in recording after that, of course.   Meanwhile, behold the Video Primer with a trailer and some information about the world, the characters and the rules we're using in Vicissitudes of Time.  

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12 Feb, 2021 15:27

Brilliant trailer! :D Good luck with the new show! :D

Andrew Belenkiy
12 Feb, 2021 15:37

Thanks, Emy! ;)

Journeyman David_Ulph
David Alexander
16 Feb, 2021 22:28

Really like the idea of that homebrew overhaul of the background/alignment system! I don't know how many characters I've made in 5e and just ignored whatever is written directly in each wee box because it doesn't fit the exact idea I have in my head of the character

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Andrew Belenkiy
17 Feb, 2021 12:29

Yup, that was one of the reasons of creating such a system. Also, history: CK3-inspired mechanics fit so good in there! When I'm finished playtesting it, I'm going to post it here ;)