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Astra Lilies

Of all the stars in the night sky I could admire, I chose you.
  Once believed to be an extinct flower species, Astra Lilies are rediscovered in the dark lands of Spectre where no light could reach them. They are believed to be the embodiment of stars. Gifting someone an Astra Lily is a form of courtship and a sign of true love.  

A Tale of Courtship

After years of slumber, a god met with a mortal woman.   They could not explain, but the god was immediately attracted to her. There was desire to protect, constantly seek her out and kept her from harm's way. If the god kept their eyes off her, she will die... or so they thought.   The woman was far from mortal. She could not die but can suffer from injuries. No matter how many times she was maimed, brutalized and beheaded, she would return to her prior condition as if nothing happened. The god soon realized the woman was more like them. Thus, they made it their mission to get the woman to safety.   The god faced the woman finally. The first thing they do was gifting her an Astra Lily. The woman was confused, unable to comprehend the meaning of the flower at first. But this didn't deter the god, as it only encouraged them to gift her more lilies. Eventually, she understood.   The woman gifted a Void Rose to the god as a sign of reciprocal. Though they didn't show, the god was elated. The woman kept the lilies, used them as part of her dress accessories while kept some to preserve for eternity.
Geographic Distribution

Astra Lily and Void Rose

Once upon a time, Astra Lilies and Void Roses grow in pairs. If you come across the lily, a rose would entangled with it. If separated and planted in different places, the lily and the rose will grow towards where their lost pair is located. It's also a reason why people uses lily and roses as compasses.   This form of courtship is an ancient practice that little knows about. Of course, this is due to the extinction of Astra Lilies and Void Roses until their rediscovery.

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Jul 27, 2022 00:47

I loved the story of the 2 flowers and that of the courtship. I'd love to know what happens next.