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Four Pillars

1297 BA

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In a land divided by politics and blood, peace rests on a knifes edge… The land of Ásaterra, once a powerful empire, was divided by civil war nearly a hundred years ago. Now the land is governed by an uneasy alliance between four factions, who rule Ásaterra through the High Council, containing one representative of each faction. There is a semblance of peace and cooperation in order to maintain a united front against any neighbouring countries, ready to swoop down at any show of weakness. However, old wounds run deep and there is still deep distrust between several of the factions.   You are part of the High Council's Expeditionary Force. Created as a show of unity between the factions, you are sent on high profile missions to demonstrate the stability of the government. Your task is to protect your country from threats, inside and out, while restraining yourself from throttling your 'comrades' from the other factions.   Complete your missions, protect Ásaterra and above all, do NOT start another civil war...