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The Spirit of Yuletide

The Spirit of Yuletide:

  The Spirit of Yuletide is a benevolent force that manifests the last two time periods of the year corresponding with The Feast of the Moon and the End of Nightal. It peaks on the Winter Solstice of Nightal 20.   The Spirit of Yuletide generally brings feelings of peace, goodwill, kindness, and generosity, alleviating the cold temperatures that commonly occur during this time. For most of the good faiths and many neutral faiths there are joyful festivals that occur at this time. Many people think this force was present when the creation of Toril occurred and that is why it peaks on Nightal 20.   Not all faiths appreciate the Spirit of Yuletide most notably those of Shar, and especially Auril who finds this spirit to be a corruption of the season of Winter.  There are grave consequences for any worshipers of these Deities that participate in Yule festivals, and the Temples of Auril have been known to openly attack settlements during these festivals.  

Game Effects:

  Any Character that performs an act reflecting the Spirit of Yuletide during the period of the Feast of the Moon to Nightal 30 has a chance to receive a special Yuletide Trait. This chance is cumulative and will increase with each act. The chance starts out as 5% for a general act and will increase 2% per action, at the GM's Discretion. Acts of greater sacrifice will accumulate higher percentage chances up to 5% which again is at the GM's discretion. Note it is not the material value of an act that determines the percentage it is the amount of sacrifice on behalf of another that determines this chance. Once the trait is acquired it will stay until Hammer 2 (2nd Day of the new year), regardless of what day in the time period it was acquired.1 week after the last act reflecting the Spirit of Yuletide.   Those opposed to Yuletide can stop others from benefiting. Any act a Selfish character commits against another specifically to crush their spirit can result in all cumulative percentage gains being reset to 5%. The spirited character must succeed on a DC 10 Will save or have all cumulative percentages brought down to 5%. The DC can be modified higher depending on the magnitude of the selfish act up to a DC 25. If the spirited character succeeds on this save, they will automatically increase their accumulated percentage by 5%. Sometimes the spirit is so strong that even in the face of Evil and Selfishness the Spirit of Yuletide provides hope.   Those characters of Evil alignment who spread Yuletide Cheer and spirit will find it easier than characters of other alignment to accumulate the percentage for a trait. This is because the Spirit of Yuletide tries to turn selfish hearts towards goodwill. An Evil aligned character spreading the cheer of Yule will achieve double the percentage chance accumulation to acquire a trait. Any selfish act they do will negate all the gains they have made and reset their percentage chance back to 5%.   Acts of cheer that are made by others onto evil characters will also increase the accumulated chance for a trait of the targeted evil character. As an example, if a character offers a gift to an Evil character they will accumulate a percentage chance to get a Yuletide trait as normal, but the Evil Character will also acquire that percentage of accumulation. If the character started at a 7% chance, and the Evil character had a 5% chance, the giving character would be at a 9% chance for a Yuletide trait and the Evil character would be at a 7% chance.   An evil character can make a DC 10 Will save to refuse the act of goodwill and thus ward off any danger to their heart and soul receiving goodwill and cheer. This save is not mandatory, an evil character can willfully accept the Yuletide act. The GM should keep track of the actions of these Evil characters to see if any sort of alignment shift may occur. This of course is the Goal of the Yuletide Spirit.   The acquired trait can be selected from the list below, and should be related to the spirit of the actions that inspired them:  
  • Yuletide Defiance: +2 Save vs Fear
  • Yuletide Boldness: +1 AC Vs creature type
  • Yuletide Excitement: +2 initiative checks
  • Yuletide Carol: +1 Morale Bonus to any d20 roll, and add +4% to cumulative chance of gaining Yuletide Trait
  • Figgy Pudding: +1 Morale Fortitude Bonus
  • March of the Wooden Soldiers: +1 Morale bonus when defending friends or homeland
  • Yuletide Magic: Gain a 0 level spell from the Wizard/Sorceror, Cleric, or Druid spell list
  • Yuletide Belief: once per day you may increase your caster level by 2.
  • Yuletide Hope: Once per day reroll any natural 1
  • Yuletide Healing: +1 Morale bonus to Heal Checks, or Take 20 to heal an extra 1d4 hp
  • Tannenbaum: +1 Morale bonus to Nature and Geography Checks
  • Yuletide Cheer: +1 Morale Bonus to Diplomacy and Performance checks
  • Yuletide Wisdom: +1 Morale Bonus to Will saves
  • Yuletide Surprise: Roll twice and take the best result 1/day
  • O Holy Night: +1 Moral Bonus to Channel DC
  • Yuletide Gift: +1 Moral Bonus to Appraise and Craft Checks
  • Goodwill towards men: +2 Morale bonus to Diplomacy Checks


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