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17th of Frostfall   There was definitely a chill in the air today. The rest of the Academy, much like myself, is always excited for the longer nights, but it does make the waking hours much less bearable. Made even worse when our waking hours are typically at night. Without the warmth of our closest star, each moment can drag on for what seems an eternity. Especially when we are surrounded by a marsh. Being both cold and wet is never a great way to spend your time.   This will be my first year where I can begin research on my own instead of assisting others. I will finally be named a true Stargazer. I am still deciding on what I will dedicate my time to as the stars are infinite and hold many mysteries. I feel my parents named me well when they gave me the name Sadachbia. I feel I must find my lucky star filled with hidden stories to tell.   Amina will also be starting her first year as a Stargazer this solstice as well. She is, just like most Savras worshippers, focusing on interpreting the constellations and divining meaning from the stars. I don’t understand the devotion she has. Falling in line and worshiping ancient beings because it’s been done for generations is something I would have thought she was beyond. I have to remind myself that not everyone can see things the way I do. At least, not yet.   6th of Icewind   I finally decided on my area of study! I am going to study the physical attributes of the cosmic entities we see. I believe they are more than a representation to show us the power and influence of the gods. More than just astronomical chicken bones to divine the purpose of our lives and our day to day minutia. I will prove it...somehow. Only one more cycle of “Selûne” before I can begin. Pavrin has had me assisting her for the time being and I haven’t been able to devote much time to my own thoughts, let alone research. I suppose I could learn something from the leader of our Academy, but it still seems foolish to me when I am using the stars to see how well the crops will grow this upcoming year. The elemental patterns of our own world dictate that, not the stars. If continuing this charade grants me access to the castle’s observatory, so be it.   Bás Fuar   The induction ceremony of the new Stargazers is happening tonight. It’s always done on the longest night of the year. A little too ritualistic if you ask me. Why don’t we sacrifice something while we’re at it? Besides my dignity, I mean. I’m sure Pavrin will be nothing but smiles when Amina declares her intentions to the rest of the Academy. I can’t say I believe the same will happen when I reveal mine. I may be one of the only people in the Academy that believes what I do, but that will change. I suppose I better go put on my “ceremonial robes” and get this over with. 4th of Fuar   I am starting my own research and I’ve been granted access to use the telescope in the main tower. I’ve been told the telescope has been finicky as of late, but Pavrin has a powerful staff that can help mend it in case it needs fixing. Either way,I am excited to see what will come of it.   Day 1?   I am writing down as much as I can remember. I’m not sure how long I’ve been unconscious, but I’m guessing not long. I’m in the middle of some type of forest. I do not recognize the stars...I have no idea where I am. I was in the main tower, using the telescope when it stopped working. Pavrin was there to take a look at it. She started to use the staff she carried to mend the machine and asked me to look through the scope as it needed to be calibrated and focused. I looked through the scope and it went from black to a blurred image. It slowly began to focus and I thought it was fixed, but when the image became clear I...saw something. Something I can also describe as a face, looking back at me. Not a reflection of something near, but a celestial body. I felt a sense of dread and then a bright flash of light blinded me. The next thing I knew, I was falling down on top of the rock I’m sitting against now. Based on the red mark on the boulder...and the searing pain on the back of my head, it knocked me out. I want to get my bearings, but I’ve never felt so lost. I must…   Day 2 I had to stop my previous entry early and run for my life. I’m glad I had noticed the local fauna begin to go silent. There was a predator nearby and I had to vacate the area. It was a good thing I did. I had peered back in the direction of the boulder I was near and saw some large creature licking the blood from the rock. It must have had a heightened sense of smell to have caught wind of that. I’m just glad I woke up when I did. I had picked up some dirt and leaves and rubbed it into my wound to mask the scent. Despite being very unsanitary, it was the best I could do at the moment.   After losing the creature, about an hour or so after I started to flee, I ran into a creek. I started to follow it downstream and I hope that I find some semblance of civilization next to it soon. I could really use a good night’s sleep without the fear of being eaten. I will continue to travel this way, looking for any sort of sentient being. Anything without sharp teeth, preferably.   Day 3   I see a sign of life up ahead. It still looks to be miles away, but I can see smoke rising in the distance. I hope whoever it is, they are friendly.   The creature finally caught up to me. It had been tracking me even after I went through that creek. Apparently, I’m in desperate need of a bath. It was a displacer beast, from what I was told. As it was pouncing on me a group of warriors came to my rescue. A mix of a couple recognizable peoples and one that stood out among the rest. His name is Regulus. A large figure that looks as if a tabaxi and a giant had bred together. A very imposing man. His voice seems to be on the verge of a low growl or piercing roar at all times. I’m glad they were there to help. They told me they had a camp nearby. It must have been the smoke I had seen earlier. Glad my instincts guided me in the right direction. They also informed me that this is indeed the Feywild. I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t quite sure.   Day 7 It seems I have found a group to stay with, for the time being at least. The druidic magic I use seems to work quite well in tandem with the group. I am able to heal any wounds they may receive during their hunts, of which they do many. They are a group that sustains themselves as monster hunters. They have clad themselves in the leathers, furs, and bones of the local fauna. Regulus in particular has almost completely covered himself in his exploits. He seems particularly proud of his axe, which he has told me are the antlers of a giant moose. Those creatures always seem so docile, but they are a fierce opponent when encountered. I shall stay with this group until I am able to find a way back home. The Feywild is an interesting place to be sure, but I must learn more about what happened back at the castle. Without the change in the night sky, I can’t do that here.   Day 16 I have ingratiated myself with this group and I almost feel as if I belong. I’ve gone into rambling talks about the stars and they don’t seem to mind…at least, they don’t stop me. Regulus has taken more of an interest in this than the others. I know I wasn’t too far off when picking him out of the group. He told me he was also an implant in the Feywild, but it was ever since he was a child. I can’t imagine what it would have been like growing up here all alone, but by Regulus’s character, it certainly breeds strength.   Day 87 After almost three months in the bush, we made our way to a small settlement in the wilds. I met some other druids that have taken up residence in the area and, after speaking with them, they had agreed to send me home after our group is able to take care of a problem for them. Apparently, some abominations have started appearing to the south of this town and they need us to kill and track down the source of these creatures. They described them as serpentine like creatures with a beak and tentacles. They have been abducting some of the people on the outskirts of town as well as some of the local livestock. I hope I’m able to convince the group to help me. I am quite capable, but living here seems to be getting to me. I’ve started to feel as if I have another’s thoughts in my mind.   Day 88 I have pleaded my case to the group and they agreed to help out. They are monster hunters after all. We will head out of the settlement at first light tomorrow to try and track these creatures.   Day 110 Over two tendays and we finally find a sign of these creatures. They are exceptionally capable beings to have been able to cover their tracks so well, especially from such seasoned adventurers. We have tracked them down to an expansive cave system. We were only able to spot it because we saw one of these creatures dragging a corpse into the cave. I don’t know if it was my eyes playing a trick on me, but I thought I saw the body twitch.   Day 112   This cave system is much larger than we originally anticipated it to be. We got to the mouth of the cave and started to track the creature, only to have found it went through small opening that we couldn’t follow. We’ve been exploring different tunnels only to find dead ends and chasms we can’t traverse. We know we’re getting closer to their nest as we are starting to see more and more bones as we make it deeper into the underground. During our quiet times in the cave, especially at rest, I hear those thoughts again. They feel like my own, but I don't remember the path my mind took to think them. It must be sensory deprivation messing with me.   I may not be able to write for a while. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to stock up on ink for these entries. I hope I’m able to find more after we make it out of here.   Day 141   We made it back into town today. We had found the nest of what I’ve now know to be Grecks. They typically carry their prey back into their nests to eat them alive. Very cheerful lot. There were about a half dozen or so of these greck and one alpha. We lost one of our hunters, but made it out. Regulus barely made it through, but I was able to heal his grievous wounds enough for us to escape. By the looks of this nest and the amount of eggs we saw there, this group had been there for a while. Although, we didn’t encounter as many as there were hatched eggs. We found mostly the bones of the livestock, but only one or two humanoid remains. This is disconcerting, especially since we’ve now heard of more attacks to the north described in much the same way. The druids we contracted with said we still hadn’t completed the task and are withholding their services until it’s completely taken care of. North we go.   Day 168   We’ve searched through many different caves in the area, but to no avail. Our search continues.   Day 210 I think this is it. We’ve found another large cave system in the area and saw a mutilated carcass of a rothe mostly devoured by the greck, but the markings on it’s horns, put there by it’s owner, made it to be one that was taken. We’ll camp outside tonight and dive deep into the system tomorrow. Hopefully, we can track them down faster this time around.   Day 224   I cannot imagine the thoughts going through the people’s minds as they were dragged here. From what I can gather, these greck had all been subservient to a creature called a Grell. They would abduct any sentient being and drag it back here alive for the Grell to feed on it’s brain. The sheer terror as the grell would break open their skull as the greck would tear them apart. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. We were able to defeat multiple cells of these greck and found the alpha and the grell near an underground lake. This should be enough to get me back home.   Day 234 The druids need some time to prepare a spell to send me back to my home. I cannot wait to see familiar stars again. I haven’t had much time to gaze at them since I’ve been here. Too much time underground.   Day 236 Regulus approached me today and asked if he could come with me. I’m not exactly sure his reasoning, but he has been a stalwart companion since we’ve met and I owe him my life many times over. I cannot say no, but I hope the people of Faerun take to him as much as I did. Looks like I won’t be alone when I go back. I’m happy for that.   12th of Kelda The stars never looked so beautiful. I am home. Regulus and I encountered someone calling himself Nomad the moment we walked through the Druid’s portal back into the Material Plane. He was being pursued by a group of people that seemed to be holding a grudge. We were somehow wrapped up into the fight and dispatched them alongside this stranger. An interesting way to be welcomed home, but it’s good to be back nonetheless. When I look up at those stars, those thoughts not entirely my own begin to get louder. I am able to shut them out if I concentrate, but I don't understand why I hear them.   28th of Kelda   They’re all gone…every last one of them. Regulus and I had made our way back to the marshes that held the Stargazers’ compound and found it to be devoid of all life. I was able to find my old room. It still held a previous journal of mine, but it looks like it’s been worn down by time. I haven’t been gone that long, have I? We decided to head toward Waterdeep. It’s the closest place I know to have a college with access to a telescope. I wonder if they moved there? Was the marsh too inhospitable to stay?     23rd of Silvanesti I found the college in the city and asked about the Stargazers. They said the last they heard of them was when they all died in their castle. He read from a report that one of their students had gone there to study with them for a while, but found nothing but corpses. He said there was some sort of explosion that killed a group of them and any survivors hadn’t been seen otherwise. All of this happened…one hundred years ago. I had heard of temporal anomalies with different realms, but didn’t realize that had happened to me until that very moment. Most of the people I knew must be dead now. There are some long-lived races in Faerun, but if none had shown up here to continue their studies, I’m not sure where else they would go. I’m human, so my parents…they’ve been dead and buried for decades at this point. I don’t know what to do now. Where do I start?  


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