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Solidarity, Our Shield

Smaraldi, second eldest and surely wisest councilwoman of the Council of Leshiven, an organization of elders from every village, had been away from her village when it had been completely caught by the wildfires from the northeastern woodlands. Her people, in one day, could not be found between the ash and charred wood left behind.   Heavy was her grief, and steady were her tears as she walked to Cape Zaffre to meet with the Council. So too had their villages been hurt by the fires, but not so strikingly as Smaraldi's. - With many of the farms now devistated, they issued a state of emergency.   All were to share what food they had with those devastated, not in despair and fear, but in solidarity. The Hospitality of the Leshiven people rang out in defiance of their circumstances.  
We shall not fear the flames. We are each a spark of The Hearth herself. We shall endure.
— Smaraldi to her councilpeople before delivering her speech
Record, Transcript (Communication)


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