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Transport Ships

ARIDS Transport Ships are commonly seen throughout the western hemisphere of Folterra. These are large boats carrying containers of food goods, appliances, commodities, materials, and more. These container ships will follow certain trade routes, the most popular one starting at The Arlyian Research Institution for Developmental Sciences (ARIDS) & Arlyia-Thyr, then going eat to Telondra, south to Naea, further south to Arcadia, and then back north to Arlyia.

Power Generation

These ships use a hybrid engine, deriving just over half (~60%) of their energy from large Telaurium Batteries outfitted on a generator. The other half of the engine uses a catalytic engine that consumes a fuel, most commonly coal, to propel the ship forward.

Weapons & Armament

Most of the time these ships are unarmed, but in recent years, some have been outfitted with nonlethal shock cannons to prevent any kind of theft.

Armor and defense

The hull of these ships uses reinforced telaurium plating, which prevents a lot of common damage from terrain collision, ice damage, and weaponry.

Communication Tools & Systems

Radios are outfitted on each ship, as well as an on-board PA system.
Trade ships
"Safe, secure, and smart!" - older ARIDS motto, circa 1220. This has been replaced by "Technology of today delivered by tomorrow!"
Owning Organization
All in all, these ships cost a pretty penny to construct, resulting in a ~1,000 Caleran telaurium coin (~100,000 USD, not adjusted for inflation) price tag.
Relatively common
800 ft
200 ft
Without cargo, these ships are relatively lightweight compared to cargo ships of Earth, being nearly half their weight while only being slightly smaller.
22 knots average sailing speed, can reach upwards of 30 for emergency purpose.
Complement / Crew
These ships have a standard crew of about fourty people per ship.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
These ships can hold a large capacity of cargo, in the range of 50,000 lbs to 65,000 lbs.

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