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Telaurium Batteries

Telaurium batteries were first discovered by ARIDS scientist Dr. Alexandre Bertram in 1209 AV. Using a highly conductive telaurium crystal, he found that one could infuse the crystal with their Vex-given powers and allow the crystal to charge certain technologies. Though ley-mute himself, Dr. Bertram found that these telaurium batteries could easily be placed in households, neighborhoods, or "just about anywhere, really".


To charge the battery, one must place their hand upon the crystal. They will most likely feel a draining sensation, and a mild exhaustion that will pass fairly quickly. Again, the Vex-alignment is important when charging their respective crystal. Because of the invention of these batteries, it led to a technological explosion in the last thirty years. While modern (to Earth) appliances were very rare and almost exclusively used in Arlyia before, now they can be found throughout the world in regions that can afford them. While considered to be incredibly safe, one should not be reckless and overcharge a crystal - doing so may cause it to short out the technology that it is connected to, or possibly explode.


For a simple battery, a specially cut and mined telaurium crystal is placed in a metal shell with a section of it uncovered. For the more complex batteries, the metal must be completely free of any impurities, as well as the crystal needing to be cut much thinner, and in a perfect hexagonal shape. Because of the nature of needing to be absolutely geometrically perfect, specialized computer-guided machines cut the crystals with a high-powered laser, or a very costly telaurium cutting tool.
All credit goes to Doctor Alexandre Bertram and Doctor Harold Sanford for discovering the technology at the The Arlyian Research Institution for Developmental Sciences (ARIDS) & Arlyia-Thyr.
Access & Availability
These telaurium batteries are widely common in the areas participating in the Caleran trade route, and still spreading outward to this day. As such, one can easily find these specially outfitted crystals in places like Eastmarch, Ellera, Gullivan's Bridge, and Arlyia as a whole. Rural and/or impoverished areas are still unlikely to have them, since this technology is not exactly inexpensive.
While fairly simple, these batteries now require certain outfitting "sockets" to be placed in to prevent any kind of discharging, or cross-charging. For example - a telaurium battery designed to be used for heating will be covered in a crimrite frame and designed to easily convey that it holds some amount of heat. Likewise, crystals designed for refrigeration will use a steel frame, and voltaic crystals use copper. Additionally, some of the newer generation of these crystals require complex machining to give them a perfectly-cut shape, allowing them to charge and release their energy much more efficiently.
Dr. Bertram was researching telaurium energies with a colleague, a Stormborn named Harold Sanford, who accidentally placed his hands on a relatively drained telaurium crystal. Upon examining it, the two found that there were traces of voltaic energy present in the crystal. The two then hypothesized whether or not this could work for all other Vex-aligned energies, and proceeded to test it. Fortunately for them, their hypothesis was largely correct. Firebloods and Frostgrips could also charge other crystals, but not the same one that Sanford had charged.

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