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Dae Mutation

Dae Mutation is a condition that, as the name implies, affects both human-appearing Dae, form-shifting Dae, and their Darkblooded (half-human) offspring. This mutation largely occurs when an individual of Dae heritage reaches an age of 70 to 90, though can be younger if the individual lives in a particularly ley-enriched area. Because of this, some Dae have fled to ley-drained areas as a method of postponing, or potentially preventing in some cases, this mutation. When they do reach this age, their body will start rapidly shift into a less humanoid form, and reverting to a more "demonoid" appearance.   While this is a fairly common mutation, not all Dae and their half-human offspring suffer from it. Because of this, a stigma against Dae has been present since the early years of the Age of the Vex, especially so from these "demons", or fully mutated individuals, attacking towns.

Transmission & Vectors

This mutation is not transmissible, as it seems to be a genetic mutation, and only affects those with Dae genetics.


This late-age mutation seems present in many, but not all, Dae. As such, it is believed that it's a genetic mutation that originates somewhere at the beginnings of Dae ancestry. Some researchers at ARIDS seem to believe that perhaps it was a sort of genetic engineering choice, as much of the genetic traits of the affected seem to have some kind of "failsafe" that triggers these mutations.


There are two major stages to this mutation. The first begins with minor changes, often times the skin of an affected individual's skin will thicken and turn much darker than it already is, they will grow dense, horn-like growths will start to appear on their body (most commonly on their head and back), and their hair will fall out. This occurs over about a month.   The second stage is much more dramatic, changing their brain chemistry and structure to become much more aggressive and primal, nails grow much longer and thicker - sometimes even encasing the tip of the finger, and sometimes a pair of bat-like wings grow on the back of the individual. At this stage, individuals become highly violent and will often times attack innocents. This often occurs over the course of a week, up to three.


There is no known treatment, largely due to the genetic nature of this mutation.


Strangely enough, Ley Withdrawal partially prevents this mutation from happening. No known reason has been found yet, though it is believed that the gene responsible for this mutation is made worse in ley-rich areas.


The first known documentation of a mutation was written in 515 AV, not long after the first few colonies of Dae were also documented. In this account, a male Dae named Tarvos, who was mild-mannered and a solemn worker, quickly transformed over the course of two months into "...a terrifying demon". In his mutated state, he killed his Dae wife, their daughter, and five human explorers before being stabbed through the heart.

Cultural Reception

As aforementioned, a large cultural stigma has arisen, and remained present, against those with Dae heritage. While it is still unknown just exactly how this genetic trait is spread, and who has it, many see Dae as a time bomb. As such, Dae are often called demons in areas that do not commonly see their kind, since that is all most people know of them.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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