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Ley Withdrawal

Ley Withdrawal is a largely mental, but partially physiological, sickness that occurs when a telaurium user leaves a telaurium energy-rich area, and into one where the energy is weak or does not exist. Though most areas on Folterra are rich with telaurium leyline energy, there are some locations completely ley-drained. Such areas Plenn, or the eastern regions of Telondra have historically been locations where ley withdrawal has been the most potent.


Ley withdrawal occurs when an individual is placed in an area with little to no ley energy. Conditions worsen when that person tries to utilize their Vex-given powers (e.g.; a Fireblood trying to cast a ball of fire would only drain their energy even more). The exact cause of this is mostly due to places that are not in the direct path of Folterra's natural ley energies, though there are some locations that are completely devoid of them.


The symptoms of ley withdrawal vary based on the Vex-identity of the individual, though all groups commonly report irritability, mood swings, headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, and decreased motivation. Frostgrips often become more withdrawn, quiet, and distant from friends, family, and/or loved ones. Firebloods are even more moody than the others, starting fights, becoming accusatory, defiant, and/or believing that they are always right. Stormborn yell and argue, especially so with Firebloods, and commonly report the highest amount of physical fatigue and aches out of the five groups. Shadowcloaks also become withdrawn, but much more scheming, deceitful, sinister, and self-serving. Lastly, Psycoronal report the highest amount of mental fatigue, having the highest amount of headaches and motivational issues, but beyond that, have a near insatiable thirst to know every small detail of current events, to the point of becoming offended when not included in trivial matters.


Though specific treatment resides in returning to a ley-rich area, there are two other known methods of easing the amount that ley withdrawal can affect a person. One such method is creating telaurium "zones", or places that have man-made structures with telaurium crystals in the hopes that they ease the effects. However, it is not consistent and often costly, needing to replace the crystals every few months. Despite the negatives, this option has proven successful in Telondra, but not Plenn due to unknown reasons. The second method of treatment is to carry ley-enriched, Vex-blessed objects. Because Vexes carry such a close tie to the ley energy of the world, their blessing of ley-enriched items can increase their potency when carried. In a sense, it's not dissimilar from keeping a sentimental object to carry you through mental strain, but has the added benefit of working like a telaurium battery.


Ley withdrawal is a mostly temporary ailment, given that it is location based. Should one remain in the ley-drained area, they will continue to have the ailment. Some have even overcome this sickness entirely given enough time (reports vary from thirty to fifty years), though will most likely have a hard time acclimating to a ley-rich area, should they return to one. In some extremely rare cases, death has occurred, but it remains debatable whether or not this was the case of the ley energy, or an extraneous reason. Most of the time, the afflicted simply move to another area, or carry items to help cope with their lack of telaurium energy.

Affected Groups

Oddly enough, it is young adults who are the most adversely affected by ley withdrawal, and the symptoms most apparent. In older generations, most of the symptoms are more neurological, resulting in things like depression, short and long-term memory loss, and lack of attentiveness.


Though prevention is nearly impossible, certain Vex-blessed objects have shown to guard against the effects fairly potently. Some have even claimed that armor pendants outfitted with crystalline "Vex tears" (actual tears shed by a Vex that crystallize into a small pea-sized gemstone) help stave off ley withdrawal highly efficiently.

Cultural Reception

Because of it's commonality, there are not many who look down upon someone with ley withdrawal, especially because they might too be afflicted with it. Despite this though, some societies (largely the continent of Aldren) seem to be harsh to those suffering from the ailment, and often remark with comments like "I'm not sure why you don't just move somewhere else".
Affected Species

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