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Jesse Savage

An aging rock star who is looking for his shot at a comeback with the Sunshine River Music Fair.   Full Name: James Savitch Stage Name: Jesse Savage


  Physical Build: Thin and wiry   Hair: Long, flowing blond hair that reaches his shoulders   Eyes: Often concealed behind dark sunglasses, giving him an enigmatic aura   Fashion: Typically dressed in 1970s rock and folk-inspired attire, such as flared jeans, leather jackets, and bohemian-style shirts. Carries an acoustic guitar with him.


  Early Career: Jesse Savage was born James Savitch, but he adopted the stage name "Jesse Savage" during his early days in the folk rock scene. He enjoyed a period of success as the frontman for several folk rock bands during the late 1960s and early 1970s.   Success and Recklessness: Known for his charismatic stage presence and soulful voice, Jesse's bands enjoyed their share of fame. However, Jesse's reckless behavior, including substance abuse and a penchant for controversy, began to overshadow his talent.   Downfall: By 1974, Jesse's once-promising career had taken a nosedive. His last band dropped him due to his reckless actions, and he found himself at a career crossroads, past his prime and facing dwindling opportunities.  

Current Situation:

  Going Solo: Unfazed by his fall from grace, Jesse decided to go solo and hit the road with the Sunshine River Music Fair during the summer of 1974. He believes that this tour could be his chance at redemption and a return to the limelight.   The Devil's Pact: Unbeknownst to him, in a moment of desperation, Jesse unwittingly made a crossroads Deal with the Devil deal with the devil to regain his fame. The terms of the deal are unknown to him at this point, but he will soon realize that his renewed success comes at a dark and soul-shattering price.


  Charismatic: Despite his struggles, Jesse remains a charismatic and captivating performer. He has the ability to draw people in with his music and stage presence.   Haunted: There is a sense of inner turmoil and a haunted quality about Jesse, as he grapples with the consequences of his past actions and the mysterious pact he has made.   Driven: Jesse is determined to reclaim his former glory and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, even if it means risking everything.


  Musical Talent: Jesse is a gifted singer-songwriter and musician with a deep passion for folk rock music.   Stage Presence: His charisma and stage presence have the power to captivate audiences and create memorable performances.   Resilience: Despite setbacks, Jesse's determination to succeed remains unwavering.


  Recklessness: Jesse's reckless behavior has been a major stumbling block throughout his career.   Vulnerability: His pact with the devil leaves him vulnerable to unforeseen consequences and manipulations.   Isolation: Jesse's pursuit of fame has left him isolated from genuine connections with others.


  Redemption: Jesse's primary motivation is to redeem himself in the eyes of the music industry and the public. He wants to prove that he's still a relevant and talented artist.


  The Devil's Bargain: As Jesse's career begins to ascend once more, he will increasingly grapple with the consequences of the pact he has made, as the devil's influence on his life becomes more apparent.   Arc: Jesse's character arc will revolve around his pursuit of fame, the revelation of the dark forces at play in his life, and the ultimate choice he must make between his soul and his career. His journey will be a struggle to balance his desire for redemption with the price he must pay for it.   Key Quote: "I may have lost my way, but I'll find it again on this stage. And when I do, they'll remember Jesse Savage, the man who made a deal with the devil to sing the songs of his soul."


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