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Iun-ahe / Iunic Flesh


Material Characteristics

Iunic Flesh is 'living' meat; while the flesh that makes up walls and other buildings does hold inert, the musculature that lines other spaces twitches, breathes, and posesses warmth. Sinew and tendon laces through red-toned meat. Glistening 'fat' can be seen-- and in places where the flesh has been damaged, scar tissue can spring up.

Origin & Source

Iunic Flesh -- the core of the city of Iun -- came into existence along with the rest of the continent due to the same incident: the backslash of a failed spell in an entirely different universe.

Life & Expiration

Iunic flesh only dies and deteriorates if it is entirely separated from the continent it rests upon, or removed from its protective membranes (in the case of the flesh making up inter-district travel tunnels).   Even deep underground, in the Bowels and Underbelly of Iun, the flesh pulses, alive, sighing.

History & Usage


Iunic flesh has always been present in the city of Iun. The city itself was present, breathing, over a thousand years ago when the city was first discovered. You could say, in fact, that Iunic flesh discovered those first confused travelers.

Everyday use

Homes, machinery components, streets, walls -- Iunic flesh is a core building material of the city that it twists into.   Steam energy is created by perpetually pulping flesh for the water within it.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Despite its alien appearance and properties, Iunic flesh is an everyday material to the city-dwellers. It is treated casually with no reverence at all other than the Leso (who are made of it) and those with fleshcrafting abilities (who must have some reverence for it, as they can hear it speak).

Manufacturing & Products

Steam energy, which helps run a number of machines in the city of Iun, is most easily made by harnessing Iunic flesh. The flesh is pulped in large machines, and the moisture is then harvested and run into tanks which heat the runoff and convert it to steam, which then is used to power a variety of machines varying in size from small holographic watches to large trundling quad-vehicles.


Fleshcrafters -- those with the ability to form Iunic flesh and general physiology of the body's flesh and bone -- are known to be subject to whisperings from Iunic flesh.
Metallic and warm.
Various shades of red. At its darkest, Iunic flesh appears a deep maroon, darker than blood; at its lightest, Iunic flesh is a mottled fleshy pink-peach.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Iunic flesh does not condensate.
Melting / Freezing Point
Iunic flesh does not melt, nor does it freeze. Even when struck directly with freezing magic, Iunic flesh continues to pulsate and flex.
Common State
Solid -- and moving, sometimes.
Related Species

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