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Sara Light

Sara Light

Mental characteristics


Sara is currently attending Shooting Stars Junior Academy with her best friends Pippa Fay and Ruth Ronell.


Sara helps out every year in her families Healthy Eating Cafe. She doesn't have a proper job as she is too young but she enjoys helping out around the Cafe.


Contacts & Relations

Sara is friends with Pippa Fay through school and because of this she vists her while she is in the hospital. She also becomes friends with Ember Turner because of her aunt Ella Walters.

Family Ties

Sara was born in 2010 to Shasta Light and Lori Light. She is the younger sister of Tessa Light. Her aunt Ella Walters takes her out regularly.

Social Aptitude

Sara tends to make friends easily.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2010 8 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Long straight blonde
Known Languages
Sara is a native speaker of English.

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